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Josh Franklins

Fractal Gaming Website Rules

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Note: These Rule Can Change And Update Without Any Notice.

Fractal Gaming Website Rules
By signing up to the Fractal Gaming fourms you agree to follow all the rules and regulations. Any, violation of the rules and regulations can lead to a warn/ban.

General Rules
Be respectful to everyone in the community.
Use the correct name when creating a fourm account.
No trolling
No overposting (posting useless stuff to get your post count up)
Do not bully members and staff in the community
Only report content that needs to be reported
Do not harass anyone in the community
Do not impersonate other members of the community and staff
Do not use inappropriate signatures (pornografic, racism etc)
Do not advertise outside of the community (other websites, Severs, etc)
Do not create alternate accounts (unless given permission by management)
Do not DOX anyone in the community (giving out private information such as IRL names, addresses, pictures, social media accounts, IP addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
Do not post offensive content, links, images (pornografic, racism etc)

Posting Rules
Create threads in their appropriate area.
Users may not post on ban appeals
Do not comment on old threads to boost your post count (commenting on a threat that has a post 3 months ago)
Do not post offensive posts, links, images (pornografic, racism etc)
Do not post multiple messages with the same content. One post in the most appropriate thread is sufficient.

Application Rules
Do not advertise applications
You may bump your application every 5 days
Users may either +1 or -1 on anyones application
Users may give general feedback or stay neutral
If a user -1 an application please state a reason
No troll responses
Do not use any offensive or derogatory terms or references in their Application or Event Samples, intentional or otherwise

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