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Hit numbers

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It would be very useful if we could see the damage we do, giving people an understanding of what range they have to be at to be effective would help a lot. all the time I see people shooting a NPCs from yonks away and they do no damage, they don't know that. If a script was created to see how much damage we are doing should fix this. it's also nice to know the numbers sometimes. 

the addons on the workshop wouldn't be a good idea because you need to be close to see the numbers. if the numbers were stationary on the hud and had options for DPS, DPB, Total Damage, those kinds of things, then there would be no FPS issues, no large number of decals filling up your screen.

thank you for reading my suggestion, any comments would be greatly appreciated. tell me why this is a bad idea or what could be different.

CT-3126 'Blank'

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