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Fractal Gaming Launch Trailer

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First of all I would like to thank the amazing Voice Actors who did the voices:

There were actually three more voice actors who were meant to do lines for me however due to time restraints were cut. One thing I have learned is to get voice actors AFTER everything is finished, otherwise you'll have extras and feel guilty for not including them.

I would like to thank @Zach for his continuous critiquing and changing the date of release on me (love you Zach <3) and @Tucker for the music which was awesome. I would also like to thank @Tags for helping with assets in the credits scene, they look really cool and I don't think I could ever pull off anything as good looking. I would also like to thank @Labi and the rest of the gang in the first cinematic in the trailer, that took way too long to record and was completely my bad for not being better prepared. That being said, it turned out REALLY well. Finally, I would like to thank you all for the support and the constant questions of "when is the trailer coming out?", really pushed me to stop being lazy. This won't be the last project I do for Fractal, who knows what might be next. 😉

I look forward to what the future may bring for this server and community,

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