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KL1X's Moderator Application

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Application Conditions

Be fourteen years of age or older or display consistent maturity. ☑ 18 Years of Age

Have and actively use a clear and understandable microphone (alternatively 70w+/Min). ☑ Clear and Understandable Mic

Have no more than three active warnings and/or one ban on record. ☑ 

Have more than seven days of UTime on the server. Not Applicable

Be able and willing to handle various staff situations on a regular basis. ☑ 

Attend a regularly scheduled meeting should they be accepted. 

Answer all questions honestly and present professionalism throughout the application. ☑

Undertake an interview process once their application has been processed. 


Steam Details

Steam Name:




Steam Profile Link:


Discord Details

Discord Tag:


Are you apart of the Fractal Gaming Discord?


In-game Details

Ingame Name:

F. McGillan

Ingame Rank & Regiment:


Republic Affair Division

Republic Navy

Ingame Playtime (UTime):

Not Applicable

Do you have and actively use a microphone?:

Yes and Yes

Have you ever received a warn, kick, or ban? If so, explain the situation:


Staff Questions

Why do you want to become a Moderator?

Firstly, I would like to continue my progress within the community as I was originally a part of Republic Gaming as a Trial Moderator shortly before the server closed. However, I took a break from Garry's Mod during the resurgence of Empire Gaming, and I am just now finding a renewed interest in Garry's Mod and Fractal Gaming and once again, I would like to continue from where I left off. Furthermore, I believe that I can be a positive influence upon both the community at large as well as members of the staff team alike. To continue, I would like to become a member of the Fractal Gaming staff team because I find enjoyment in making the experiences of others as seamless and uninterrupted as possible, by becoming a member of the staff team I believe that I can effectively progress towards this goal. Finally, as I'm sure everyone agrees, dealing with individuals who take pleasure in ruining the experiences of others can be an arduous and painful process, and as a staff member I believe I can aid the community as a whole in dealing with such individuals and thus, greatly improve the experiences of others.

Why should you be accepted into the Moderation Team?

I believe I should be accepted into the moderation team because I first and foremost have a wide variety of experience in both management and staffing on Garry's Mod and Arma 3 alike, and I believe this experience lends to my qualification for the position being offered. Furthermore, I believe I can lend an unbiased viewpoint to any situations that may arise amongst the community, and as such, I believe I can effectively deal with scenarios in a fair manner. I further believe that I am well enough known throughout the community to be a trustworthy and hardworking individual and I believe this supports my qualification for the position of moderator. Finally, I am willing to learn from those with more experience than myself and I am always willing to put progress first.

Do you have any prior experience as a Moderator? (If so, list your experience and time served)


  • Republic Gaming - Trial Moderator - ~1 month
  • Inquisition Networks - Staff Manager - ~6 months
  • Kiwi Gaming (Arma 3) - Support Staff - ~2 months
  • Teedo Gaming - Administrator - ~6 months
  • Global Interlinked Gaming (Arma 3) - Support Staff - ~4 months
  • Mantle AU (Arma 3) - Management - ~2 months
  • Aussie Light RP - Head Admin - Launch > Shutdown (~8 months)

How proficient are you with ULX?

I believe myself to be very capable with the use of the ULX system.

Provide two examples of situations where you either acted to resolve a situation, or were involved in a situation which could have been improved by your being a moderator.


Situation #01:

An individual pulls there weapon during debrief and begins firing senselessly. (Mass RDM)

In response to this situation ideally the !freeze and !strip commands should be used immediately with the '@' selector to quickly do this. Following this the individual should be taken to the admin room to be dealt with and punishment dealt so as to allow debrief to continue without further interruptions.

Situation #02:

An individual is spamming voice chat. An admin is called and the suspect proceeds to stop. The individual resumes once the staff member leaves.

Instead of teleportation directly to the situation, the staff member should 1. Cloak and the teleport to catch the suspect in the act. or 2. Spectate the suspect directly to identify whether the suspect is repeating the offense or not.



Do you understand that as a staff member you represent Fractal Gaming as a community and as such are expected and required to follow a set of rules and procedures should you be accepted?

I Do

Do you understand that your position as a Moderator will require you to handle various staff situations on a regular basis, and if you are unable to do so, you will be demoted?

I Do

Do you understand that should your application be accepted, you will be required to participate in an interview and training period, during which you may be removed at any time?

I Do


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KL1X was a great T-Mod on Republic Gaming and shows great maturity, He has also taken interest in the server by becoming a trainee map dev. 

His application is well written and he has alot of prior experience as a moderator.

Good luck!


Edited by Mr Frosty
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Solid Copy. Hit 'em hard, boss.


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