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Changelog: Pre-Release

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Hey everyone,

As mentioned here, we'll be releasing next Friday, on the 14th. We've been hard at work getting the server ready, and with the Q&A rapidly approaching, we thought we'd give you an insight into the development thus far.

Gamemode Features


  • Teamchat viewable to own regiment
  • Teamchat colours changed to match regiment
  • Teamchat for regiments are viewable by their respective Command Braches
    • Republic Army Command: Army
    • Republic Naval Command: Navy
    • Republic High Command: Military
  • Teamchat tidy up to look nicer

Player Model Weapons (Currently disabled to prevent PAC issues, will be enabled with a toggle post-release)

  • All TFA Base weapons appear on back
  • Pistols changed to hip
  • Fixed up vector positions for "unusual weapons" which would clip body
  • Recoded to allow for TFA Reworked weapons.

Player Data

  • Moved to a SQLOO framework, allowing for cross server data.
  • Added playerlicense 
  • Added money
  • Added xp
  • Added name
  • Added characterid (not integrated)
  • Added discordid (not integrated)
  • Added job
  • Added playerclass
  • Added booster (experimental)


  • All players default to 0
  • Money Set added, which sqloo updates
  • Money Add added
  • Money Take added
    • As of now, money does not have a significant purpose, which is why it is not displayed on the hud.
    • It is still being earned and recorded, so you will be able to utilize it in the future.


  • All players default to 0
  • XP Set added, which sqloo updates
  • XP Add added
  • XP Take added
    • As of now, XP does not have a significant purpose, which is why it is not displayed on the hud.
    • However, it is still being earned and recorded, so you will be able to utilize it in the future.



  • Changed up framework to allow for jobs to be removed without collateral damage.
  • Jumped a few obstacles to allow for the code to run faster.
  • Regiment List:
    • 101st (CT)
    • 501st
    • 212th
    • GM
    • 104th
    • EOD
    • Shock
    • Alpha ARC
    • RC
    • Navy
      • Republic Affairs (RepAff)
      • Naval Intelligence Agency (NIA)
      • Naval Engineering Corps (NEC)
      • Naval Medical Corps (NMC)
    • RAC (Will remain unused, but implemented serverside for future consideration)
  • Player Loadout functions recoded to allow for classes.
  • Player Spawn functions recoded to allow for classes.


  • Name saves to database to allow to be seen in FPanel and across servers.
  • Teamname (Regiment + Rank) displayed before text in chat, removing the need for CT PVT in name.


  • Rank Authentication and Syncing have been implemented


  • FLogs have been added and finetuned
  • CCTV will be setup over the weekend, viewable from the Commmand Centre
  • Wiremod and other building/engineering utilities have been implemented and appropriately restricted

FPanel will be the primary server interface going forward, particularly for users. Here, you will be able to control your regiment, view and edit licenses, view and file AOSes, perform staff functions, etc. All future functions (gamemode or otherwise) will be integrated into the FPanel, as opposed to creating seperate menus. 

FPanel is quite expansive, and as such will likely have some issues, please report these as discovered. Additionally, the FPanel design is a placeholder, and will be replaced with a more visually appealing and accessible design in the future.
Currently, the available FPanel modules are:


  • View
    • View all players and their regiments
  • Invite
    • Invite players to regiment if you have the correct rank in your regiment.
  • Personal
    • This is where you accept your invites, and leave your regiment.
  • Regiment Admin
    • This is where you view your regiment and the members.
    • Kick Player out of regiment
    • Promote player in regiment
    • Demote player in regiment
    • Set Rank in regiment
    • Set Class in regiment (disabled)

    This is all networked, so spamming it or doing something dumb may make the entries strange or appear incorrectly.
     To fix this change tab to something else and click back onto it.

  • Set rank
  • Set regiment
  • Set class
  • Promote
  • Demote

Licenses (pilot, tank etc.)
This module is incomplete/mostly nonfunctional currently, our focus has been on getting the regiment/essential modules up and running. Once complete, this module will allow you to assign licenses (piloting or otherwise, we're looking at incorporating ARC, Medical, and other regimental licensing into this module), and to use those licenses (e.g. To request/deploy vehicles).


  • View
    • View all players and their licenses.
  • Set
    • Set players licenses


  • Displays basic information regarding the gamemode.
  • Displays version #

Many more modules are being developed, and will be implemented postlaunch.

A peak into the future
We've been concentrating on getting core functionality up and running, in order to facilitate server release. Once the server has released, and we have ensured core functionality is working and stable, we'll turn our attention to more interesting projects. These include engineering functions, more FPanel modules, vehicle deployment, logistics and supply systems, event management systems, more uses for XP/Credits, and more.


Map Updates:

Our Venator map has yet to be completed, so we will be primarily utilizing our customized Rishi Moon map for launch. The map is a heavily customized version of the Tropical Jungle Base developed for RG, featuring a lot of useful expansions, optimization, and QOL updates. These include:

Optimisation and Bugfixes:

  • Added Area Portals to all high traffic or prop heavy areas (Bunks, Armoury, Certain Offices, Spawn, CBlock Entrance etc)
  • Added hints to most areas, including offices, most of CBlock, Surveillance Room, etc.
  • Expanded ZClip slightly to allow for better visibility from certain portions of the base
  • Shortened proper render distance to increase performance and reduce impact from prop heavy areas (e.g. Recon Bunks)
  • Various bug fixes

Quality Of Life:

  • Added HDR
  • Redid lighting mapwide, the map now feels much lighter and brighter
  • Fixed up and recoloured fog, it now blends much better with the map, and hides the ZClip
  • Made Jungle Denser
  • More Ambience and Sound Effects
  • Updated Elevators
  • Materials updated and modernized
  • Custom reworked trees
  • Added Hangar Rayshields to restrict access


  • Added Deployable Blast Shield
  • Fixed lighting, reduced blue hue, and brightened up the general area
  • Added a Command Center including Offices, a Surveillance Room, Meeting Room, and Classroom/Training Area
  • Expanded ATC massively
  • Added Announcement buttons to ATC for various situations (DEFCON changes, Debrief, Pilots, etc)
  • Added Hangar Rayshield Controls to ATC
  • Engineering Area (for building)
  • Fixed up operations center, retextured to look more modern
  • Updated Reactor Room


  • Recon Bunks added
  • Outpost in Badlands
  • Event Room
  • Hostiles spawn automatically in the Badlands
  • Youngling rooms
  • Medical Facility
  • Expansive Armoury
  • Vast Ventilation System
  • Added Custom Landing Pads
  • Several Easter Eggs



Organization and Administration:


  • E-5 Course
    • Administered to E-5 Personnel (NCO - SGT)
    • Theory Handout given at E-4 (CPL) to read through and prepare for Course
    • 1 Practical Class
    • 20 Minute Exam
  • O-1 Course
    • Administered to O-1 Personnel (Junior Officers - 2nd Lieutenant)
    • Theory Handout given at WO-1 (Warrant Officer I) to read through and prepare for Course
    • 2 Practical Classes
    • 20 Minute Exam

Military Law

  • Outlines all laws troopers follow
  • Outlines levels of Infringement
  • Outlines general rules, law, and information that all troopers should know

Regimental Documents

  • Spreadsheets
    • Activity Tracking Roster
    • Relevant Info links for regs
  • Legislation
    • Acts as both the handbook and legal foundation for the regiment to exist
    • Regimental Overview
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Equipment
    • Battlestations
    • Regimental Tasking
    • Authorization/Special Conditions


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Farming upvotes just to stay ahead of me, even had to abuse perms to delete half my legitimately gained upvotes. poor. 

CL-5893 'Cobalt' | 2nd Lieutenant

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changelog does not include teamspeak, might need to get on that zach

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