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Found 1 result

  1. PAC3 Tier 1 Application Steam Details Steam Name: Tex (as of right now, its forever changing) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59687686 Steam Profile Link: In-game Details In Game Name: Tex In Game Rank & Regiment: Navy Engineer In Game Playtime: NA PAC3 Questions Why are you applying for PAC3 Tier 1?: To enchance roleplay, create a better more immersive enviroment to rp in and to teach others how to use pac 3 properly How much experience do you have with PAC3?: I have a mountain of knowledge Why do you believe you should get accepted for PAC3 Tier 1?: Because i am a upstanding member of the australian rp community and love helping people with pac 3, many new pac3 users make basic clipping mistakes and dont know how to navigate the interface, i enjoy teaching them the more intricate parts of pac 3. I often see people take my ideas as an inspiration, and sometimes a direct copy of my ideas, and if i can inspire people to use pac 3 to be more immersive in the game, and to make roleplay better, of course i want to do it. Pac3 Examples Rules & Expectations You must agree and abide by every one of these rules to get your PAC3 application accepted. Failure to follow the rules will lead to punishment or removal of PAC3. You must have had PAC3 Tier 1 for at least One Month before you can apply for PAC3 Tier 2. You will never advertise your PAC3 Application publicly (If someone directly asks for a link to your application you may private message them the link). You will never use PAC3 creations made by other people in your own application's examples, all photos, videos and examples must be of your own work. You will never create nor wear explicit, sexual, religious or morally questionable creations on the server. You will never steal nor wear other people's creations without their direct consent. You will never download nor URL load Pac creations from the internet made by someone outside of the community, all creations must be made within the community and with the owner’s consent. You will never abuse the PAC3 camera to look at anything other than yourself when creating Pac's. You will never loophole the Rules and the PAC3 Tier system. If your application gets denied or you get PAC3 taken away from you, you may reapply after your designated waiting period has passed. If any staff member tells you to change/remove a PAC you must do so immediately, if you feel the request is unfair then come to PAC3 Team to review the PAC3 creation in question.