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  1. Gal

    Its Gal here.

    you forgot the .
  2. @Tags @Bepsi @Razzle Dazzle I have taken your comments into consideration and in which I have fixed my application.
  3. +1 Bep Is the best Pac user I know to date and hes a terrific person who deserves PAC 1000000000000%
  4. Thank you for the Feedback. 1. The Inquisitor was uploaded by another user which I know and helped designed the PAC for me so Idrk if that should be taken into consideration 2. the cross arms back was not a paste bin but was inspired by that paste bin tho
  6. +1 - Have seen you moderate before and your definitely experienced and worthy of the role.
  7. +1 - You have a good application and obviously understand what you are doing.
  8. +1 don't Really know who you are but a lot of people have being saying that you have improved your attitude, and your application is alright which shows your understanding of the role.
  9. +1 - Fairly Decent Application - Has a general knowledge - Believe he will do great