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  1. That armours cool and all, but original. Try something like:
  2. Labi

    Server Release

    This didn’t age well
  3. Labi

    Hello I'm Bill

    Tell me, how does beekeeping work, is it like FTB in minecraft?
  4. Labi

    Guten Tag

    BULLET MY BOY!! WELCOME BACK!, We've sorely missed you
  5. Shadow, and ugh they should work with NIA! THIS IS A JOKE - IM LOOKING AT YOU TOMATO
  6. Can we put money on this? Anyone willing to take a $1,500 bet?
  7. Like a Navy HQ, thats super awesome. Oh wait
  8. After knowing Kirie and watching him and his abilities grow since the golden days of Fade Gaming (2015), he has shown to become a fully competent and suitable applicant for this role. None-the-less for his vast experience in managing key Event Managing positions, and binding player bases on several large and infamous servers. Kirie also strives to create enjoyment for the players, which is the by-far the best quality that can be representative for a community. Kirie can respond creatively and constructively to all feedback and grow from his mistakes and less popular events, allowing him to grow. This ensures that the players will have the best possible experience when Kirie is actively hosting events. Kirie, you have my full support.
  9. Perhaps feeling important aswell. God forgive us if we do something important.
  10. There's too many doors to guard, you cant be sitting around a desk. What happens if a 212th enters 501st bunks! NIA will handle the camera for you
  11. Labi

    draco's intro

    Hi there Draco, just to get to know you. Could you tell me about your FAVOURITE SWRP server you have/are playing on????? Answer correctly.... or else