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  1. Big fan of this custom Clone Trooper armour, added hole for ventilation.
  2. This is about the most active this forum will be for the next month.
  3. As much as I hate to say it, the 327th Star Corps are the best option.
  4. FeelsBadMan. I would like to see Kuzota, one day as the Field Marshal. That is all.
  5. Crusader Kings 2 / Town of Salem. God damn wrecking machine.
  6. Davenport

    Always Prepared

    Shoutout to the EOD trooper. He's just happy he's there and not diffusing bombs.
  7. I too, cannot wait for [REDACTED]. I think we'll get along just fine, welcome Mister Seals.
  8. I'll be supporting your application for Trial Event Master, I have had the pleasure of being in a few of your events and I quite enjoyed them. I also like your examples and believe you would undoubtedly be a valued addition to the Event Master team, good luck!
  9. I'm going to have to give this application a negative vote, you have stolen all your examples. Just kidding, +1.
  10. Damn, making me almost regret becoming a Commander. I'm missing out on all this Republic Commandos epicness.
  11. Alright.. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Had an AMAZING soundtrack, the lineup of songs they had for the radio stations was phenomenal. I loved the setting that it was in, got me quite involved in 80's culture with all the references to Miami Vice. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I still play San Andreas regularly, the story was amazing and a breath of fresh air for the franchise in regards to the setting, focusing mainly on a street gang on the streets of essentially Los Angeles instead of the mob (atleast in the early parts of the game). The addition of the San Andreas Multiplayer mod, which I personally love has kept the game popular for quite some time after its release. There's a definite case for it being the best GTA of all time. Grand Theft Auto V. The biggest Grand Theft Auto of all time, I loved it. I remember first getting that game Year 8 and I'd play it constantly and then go to school and talk about it all day with friends, absolutely killer graphics and the contrasting stories of the three main characters was interesting to me. Although, the overall story wasn't AMAZING, it was still a decent game. Also a big fan of the Vice City Stories game, wasn't the biggest fan of Liberty City so those aren't that interesting to me.
  12. In my opinion, still in the top three best Grand Theft Auto's of all time. Get it while you can for free.
  13. I'd just like to say, the part about harassing another server and its members was false, I was under the impression the acts were committed by him when they were not. My original post has been edited.