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  1. I guess it's time to riot
  2. Tomato

    Old But New

    Welcome back, fun fact: this place died a horrible death
  3. Well, any suggestions on how to bring a server back from the grave
  4. Well the server died so here's a video about that (sorry my frames died in it but that was a recording error)
  5. I seem to have forgotten to drop a +1 so here it is: +1
  6. -1 You RDM'd, RDA'd, did this and tried to evade the ban with an ALT account.
  7. Wonder why Mortal wants this post locked
  8. You do realise our view point of it being too "Dangerous" was shaped by the countless raids on C-Block beforehand (which I doubt you saw) where essentially multiple CTs would shoot at us and if we tried to arrest with our 3 second stun tasers the others would kill us during that process. We'd need to be at point blank range to arrest people but our loadouts were shit and after many attempts the CTs still came back. You can hear us yelling at them with one final warning but they didn't listen (not defending the boom boom but we did warn them). Also the gunship killing Cable, that was me, I misheard something and immediately realised my mistake, sorry. Edit: we arrested one or two earlier that day but those were a challenge (and some committed suicide) and we're just gonna ignore the CT gunning down people in the first video, like ffs you can't claim one thing and show evidence against it.
  9. This isn't Shock's fault, yes we made some bad decisions but you're showing just one side of the problem. Before that there were constant raids on C-Block with CTs out numbering us at a few points. Not to mention that trying to arrest someone was more dangerous than shooting them. It took at least an hour to get to the point where there were no CTs in C-Block but even then they were swarming outside the door. In that last bit I warned everyone that they got one final chance and should leave, I was ignored and they blew up. Now here's what Day 1 was like for SK (I would make a vid for day 2 but I don't have the time at the moment):
  10. When you say someone is unfit for something but abuse your doggy bite later that day
  11. Tomato

    Server Release

    Never thought I'd see the day
  12. Truly the best application in star wars rp I've ever seen