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  1. Hey there everyone, this post is not about the server and its development its about me. Some of you may have noticed my lack of appearance as of late as I have not been too involved in the server. This is because I have been busy with some irl things such as uni, working and friend related matters. Due to this I have not been as involved in gmod and the server and with the way life is going for me I do not know if I can dedicate time to it like I used to with previous servers. I will be stepping down from my rank as Owner in order to allow FG to keep growing without me holding it back as I cannot give it the time anymore. Zach will be stepping up as the owner of FG as he has already done so many amazing things and will continue to do so. Don't let this kill any hype or excitement for the server as things are all still on schedule to bring you all the best possible experience. I wish Zach the best of luck moving forward and have no doubt he will deliver on giving you all the FG experience you deserve. I will be stepping down to the rank of user but I will still pop in when I have the time to say hello and see how things are going. I want to thank you all for the support over the years and I will miss the daily interactions with a lot of you. Best wishes to you all and I hope you enjoy what is to come. Regards, Tucker.
  2. DENIED You will not be able to apply for Event Master for 2 months due to extreme plagiarism and breach of copyright. Please contact me if you have any questions.
  3. ACCEPTED This is easily the perfect example of a PAC application. You have very clearly shown you are capable in all areas of PAC and will make for a great PAC user. Congratulations! You are the first (and only ) person to receive PAC.
  4. The Jedi structure is going to have the ranks leading to council master as the jedi council will run the jedi. If someone is to make it on the council they will have all say in the matters of council votes and picking new people for the council. The council would be led by Mace and Yoda and most LORE characters would be in the council master role once they achieve it. People can also be on the council as custom characters if they wish.
  5. Hey there everyone, this link here is for the Jedi Knight application. Good luck to those applying as this will be a hard role to normally earn. Working the way to Knight will be a tough process so by getting in early it will be a great head start and will also allow you to help shape and form the Jedi. We will be taking on one Knight to help us form the Jedi so good luck to those who apply.
  6. @Proven Of course it does
  7. hey there, @[Redacted] I'm glad you mention this. With PAC it was tough for me to not give it out initially to people I know can use it well and some of them have even questioned me as to why they must apply again. My answer and the answer I will stand by is that they need to reapply so it is not a biased friends getting PAC situation. As much as I feel bad for people needing to jump hoops again it is what needs to be done for fairness. PAC apps will strictly be about the PACs shown and not who posted it. As for what you said about management accepting friends apps and community comments not having much sway that is a very untrue statement. In all my past experiences of PAC I have never accepted an app riddled with -1s because 9/10 I agree with those -1s. If someone -1s an app and specifies why I will probably agree with them and want that app to fix before I consider accepting. At this moment in time only 4 people will have PAC by default. These 4 people are myself, Tex, Razzle and Sicarius. The reason these people have PAC is because they will be making all of the pointshop PACs for players to be able to use. Some examples of pointshop PACs is various animation sweps, medical trooper markings so any clone model can have the medic symbols, holstered weapons etc. The 4 people mentioned will be making all these PACs for players to use hence why I justify them "skipping" an application as they will be doing a lot more work then an app for this pointshop. I always pride myself on not being biased and not forming a boys club as I hate those situations. I do not want PAC to be a popularity contest like it is on most servers. Heck when I first got PAC on another server I literally had one photo and still got it after getting to know the people who accepted apps. That isnt what PAC is about in my personal opinion. Making friends with the higher ups to get PAC will not be a thing and if something happens that seems unfair please do message me about it. I'm always open to criticism and wanna hear what people do and don't want. I never punish people for saying how they feel when they talk to me. I know some people hold grudges on those kind of things but I always see it separate to the server and would never screw someones chances because they didn't agree with me. Anyways sorry for the long comment hopefully I answered your question on if PAC will be biased or not. If you got any other questions or things you want to discuss let me know. Regards, Tucker.
  8. Oh and I forgot to mention I have the good version of PAC which means we have hide bones still.
  9. PAC applications will come a bit later as PAC will be done in a different way this time around