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  1. Going over your application it's decent, not grand or anything but it is adequate. But what really caught my attention was your response to Kuzota's question. This really told me what type of staff member you are going to be as well as player for the community. So don't need to say much other than I'm supporting this.
  2. I will not be supporting this application. As stated here by @Kuzota you have basically no detail on why you want to become a moderator. "I would like to move up in the ranks and help the server/community to the best of my abilities" - as much as this is great to hear and is a average answer, moving up in the ranks requires a tremendous amount of work towards the player-base and server. Moving up in the ranks is not the only way to help the server. Providing ideas, support, criticism are all basic but essential ways of helping even as a moderator, hell even as a player. I recommend rewriting your answer to this question. This question is another issue which I find to be understandable but at the same time unreasonable. I see know point is messaging the Owner your experience as a moderator as you are meant to apply it to the applications so people can actually see and view what you have accumulated.
  3. Thanks Lads for the support @Gal @Kuzota also... Bump it up, bump up the jam
  4. Obvious +1 Kuzota maybe a little shit but in all seriousness he definitely can pull his own weight. He "can" be mature and very serious and dedicated when given responsibilities. Also he is shit at Rocket League...
  5. Hmmm.... gonna go Neutral but leaning to a +1 What @Kuzota has said is a very valid point in how you handled your first situation. In my personal opinion I would find this as the resort to resolving the situation as a smarter method in again my opinion, is to use the command that places your "message" across everyone's screens (For the life of me I can't remember what it's called) allowing all persons to see and if it continues you pull them aside, muting them and have a civil discussion. You second situation is simple and easy going is which not bad. You handled it pretty well and professionally.
  6. Can I just get a mug of Tuckers face photo-shopped onto Yoda or even a shirt
  7. @GARDS Well I wasn't so... rip
  8. I am a bit on the edge compared to GARDS on your actual profession. As you have stated I would really prefer if you included Garry's Mod related scenarios as that is what you are applying for. I will say as you do state that it's from a professional aspect how you have handled those situations shows me how you handle your responsibilities. From the overall application, the way you have presented and structured it is suitable. Your past experience speaks for itself as I have no doubts that you can perform appropriately as a staff member. You have my support. +1
  9. I feel if you replace the current system with this it will defeat the purpose of people actually commenting and giving advise. Sure you'll have some people like myself who will give criticism when needed but you'll just half the number of people replying. If you look at someone's application you can see that around 4% of people will only actually reply and I am mainly getting this from people over 350+ views. In the end it's a great idea, people can technically already up-vote or down-vote someone's post if they choose to but I feel that if we just allow people to properly type out (+1/-1) then like what @GARDS it looks better for that person's application as well as it entitles more people to do the same.
  10. I am going to be supporting this app. Your reasoning behind wanting to become a moderator are well detailed and straight forward. From reading over your app, you clearly are able to represent yourself in a mature manner and demonstrate in your scenarios that you are capable of becoming a moderator. My only problem which Quoth pointed out is you should probably familiarise yourself with others within this community. I don't think this really matters as long as you can represent yourself correctly and in a pristine manner.
  11. -1 Agreeing from what @Cain has said Your answers to all the questions are acceptable, and as stated before it still feels bland and doesn't stand out. They way you have chosen to organise and deliver your events is rather poor. You have added all this information to a paragraph that could have easily been summarised up with 4 or 5 dot points. Planetary Event: Give a brief description of what is the reasoning behind the event, if it is not logical then why would the Republic waste military power. (A CIS channel has been picked up on our scanners at a nearby system, the planet appears to have an underdeveloped colony but we are unable to properly scan the surface or get any form of communications on the surface.) The Planet: (Link to map for people to see) The scans are able to show us a silhouette of a large structure, potentially an outpost or ground base. (Talk about other aspects of the map, weather, affects you may add). Objectives: Go through what you want us to do, highlight key objectives and potential side-objectives too if you wish too. Event Characters: Who, What & Why are these characters here, what are they meant to do, who's side and will it affect the objective (If it does this and can alter the story, in my opinion that is great.) My example is based off your first event. for me to really change my decision you will need to drastically improve your layout.
  12. @Whysp Here I'm just gonna summarise my time on EG. I started on a Supreme Prophet and when JD and Caboose decided to move to Clone Wars I became a Jedi Knight and slowly worked to a member of the Council and when Mega and Dragz took over I was asked to be Darth Vader which I did for majority of the time until about a month before they closed down EG I became Grand Admiral Thrawn. When Tucker and Caboose re-launched EG I asked to be Admiral of Navy but was far to busy to keep my role as well as my staff rank. Now we are here to FG, this is my story.