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  1. Hate it as much as you want, but his difference in armour compared to other commanders is what makes his the best. Edit: Green boys are not irrelevant, Proven.
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    Server Release

    Bro WoW classic phase 3 comes out on the 14th fuuuuuuuuu
  3. This brings a tear to my eye :'(
  4. #Sterlingforcaptainrex
  5. Back when we era swapped to CW
  6. +1 Holds a strong record for staffing Edit: Mistaken for different guy.
  7. I appreciate all your thoughts and opinions. Thanks guys!
  8. Tattoos are a huge passion for me, I've always loved the look of a sleeve tat. Thanks for your opinion though!
  9. Hello, Hey, Hi. So my name is Oliver, I'm a 17yr old lad and I've been thinking about getting a full sleeve tattoo for about a year. My girlfriend and I have stepped across 2 designs that we personally think will look great. Which tattoo do you like and think I should get? I personally love the bottom design Thanks Heaps Whysp (AKA Mainz)
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    Stop exposing me cunt
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    The Nether. the nether is in a dimension where only suffering and pain exists. the hated souls that are abandoned get tortured for all eternity. they bleed, they burn, they cry. the pigmen are the humans who have either fell into a pool of lava, been banished, or are the demonic hybrids that the wither has created. the ghasts are the ancient giants that cried for mercy, but was never saved. the wither skeletons are the ones who have lived the most in the nether. so close to turning to dust. but their hatred keeps them alive. the magma cubes are slimes who have fallen in burning lava. and the wither, the leader of the nether. the wither is the embodiment of death itself. darkness is its power source. and as long as evil exists, so does the wither. some people call this realm simply: Hell. the dimension of evil. Just thought you minecrafters would like to know.