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    This is a test...
  2. Really fun when your internet shits itself as you click reply and then it sends 3 replies thru of the same thing. So, now I am trying to change up every reply so it no suck
  3. Fox did nothing wrong, it was Fives who picked up the gun +1
  4. You never even came to me. How disappointing
  5. Yo. What is the best clone trooper armour from Star Wars?
  6. -1 I will be the next person to say this. No. Teamspeak in my opinion looks like garbage. Everybody uses discord anyways. Nobody ever uses teamspeak, unless they are forced to download it just to be in a staff or event master role. You can just have everything on discord anyway.
  7. Tags

    Server Release

    DENIED This Fractal Gaming Release Application has been denied after heavy consideration from the ERP Team. Please reapply in 2 weeks. Thank you. Have a nice day.
  8. This is a quote.
  9. This is a reply.
  10. This is a description.
  11. Name: Tags Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198366634119/ Which Class do you want? ARF
  12. Hi there! I need some good minecraft mods. Recommend some. Please.
  13. "All who hold positions of power fear or hate someone." - Star Wars: Thrawn
  14. +1 - Good luck. NEUTRAL - Not a -1, just in between after what I saw Razzle write. Will update later depending on what happens.