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  1. Blaze is truly sorry about what happened but you cant blame it on him it was everyone! Everyone had a part to play in this. Mods should be able to warn/ban people for rdm not just let shock deal with it in RP. Because that doesn't make a player base want to stay.
  2. So @Razzle Dazzle might not be a good fit for E.O.D
  3. +1 KL1X was a great T-Mod on Republic Gaming and shows great maturity, He has also taken interest in the server by becoming a trainee map dev. His application is well written and he has alot of prior experience as a moderator. Good luck!
  4. The snow/rock texture on hoth and moon texture on research 9 are both custom.
  5. So i made two maps in the last couple of months... Hope you enjoy them! Hoth Recreation (Kinda) I made a semi hoth recreation that is pretty neat if i do say so my self! Space Research Facility I made a space research facility that has gravity changes when you go in and out of buildings. Feed back would be wonderful!
  6. Can we use teamspeak? Discord sounds like ass compared to teamspeak... Thanks for listening to my ted talk!
  7. Welcome to the community man! Hope you enjoy your time on the server when it releases
  8. So i was browsing youtube and i found this video that shows Dave filoni wanting to add Darth Bane & Darth Revan to the clone wars by having the force brother talk to them. Personally I thought this would have been cool to see this in the clone wars but it looks very strange. Maybe they will revive this idea in season 7.
  9. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:103142230 Discord: Mr Frosty#0001 Steam Links:
  10. +1 Monika shows great effort within the app and had great examples! Would be a great dev
  11. I would apply but I'm not the best at voice acting. Good luck with it tho!