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  1. SERVER TRAILER IS FINALLY OUT! First of all I would like to thank the amazing Voice Actors who did the voices: There were actually three more voice actors who were meant to do lines for me however due to time restraints were cut. One thing I have learned is to get voice actors AFTER everything is finished, otherwise you'll have extras and feel guilty for not including them. I would like to thank @Zach for his continuous critiquing and changing the date of release on me (love you Zach <3) and @Tucker for the music which was awesome. I would also like to thank @Tags for helping with assets in the credits scene, they look really cool and I don't think I could ever pull off anything as good looking. I would also like to thank @Labi and the rest of the gang in the first cinematic in the trailer, that took way too long to record and was completely my bad for not being better prepared. That being said, it turned out REALLY well. Finally, I would like to thank you all for the support and the constant questions of "when is the trailer coming out?", really pushed me to stop being lazy. This won't be the last project I do for Fractal, who knows what might be next. I look forward to what the future may bring for this server and community, Nub
  2. CASTING COMPLETE! Recording soon... that took me way too long omg
  3. UPDATE: Audition deadline has been extended to SATURDAY NEXT WEEK
  4. HEY! Been a while! I have been busy with school but I am now mostly free. As such, I have started further development of my video and have posted a casting call on the website "Casting Call Club". I wanted to keep it secret and make it a surprise but the amount of people that have auditioned isn't enough. They are pretty good actors, but there isn't enough of them currently and I want to start filming soon. So, here I am making an announcement! NOTE: PLEASE POST YOUR AUDITION ON THE CASTING CALL PAGE, NOT ON THE FORUMS! Below is the link to the casting call: Here are some rules: 1. You can audition for multiple roles, but you will only get 1 role 2. You can use a semi decent mic, but please make sure there is no background noise like a vacuum cleaner or your mummy and daddy talking in the background 3. Do the lines once, but do the death noises twice at the end of your audition. These are quite hard to do and will most likely take you at least two attempts to warm up your voice to do them. 4. Read the character bios for more information and for a better idea of what emotions to capture: - Battle cries are amidst battle, try and sound serious - The dialogue is in a quiet hallway away from action - The death noises should be short, do NOT elongate them and make them "dramatic". 5. Have fun! What is the point of auditioning otherwise? If you have any further questions please ask them!
  5. From the limited time I have known you, you have been incredibly helpful and awesome to be around. Good luck for the future man!
  6. Looking deeper into the data retrieved from CPL Helo's helmet cam, this photo was retrieved. You can see CT Kion on the left and Officer Blitz on the right, but trooper Zager is missing. This image helps to paint a better picture of the true relationship of this squad. Was Kion unavailable to be apart of this picture? Or was Zager rejected by them? I guess we'll never know, the rest of the data shows no more information regarding Kion. As such, expect this to be my last update on the matter on the lost squad. (Thanks @Tags for the epic screenshot!) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With the bad RP part out of the way, I would like to thank everyone for all the nice comments and critical feedback! I am currently working on the next media project for the server which should hopefully be released soon (maybe). This media project will not only consist of the main video BUT a directors cut/behind the scenes look of both the next media project and the teaser Radio Silence. Expect teasers for the new project really soon though! Thanks all! Nubbly/Nub/SASNoobly101/Noobly101/Noobly/TJ
  7. The footage from CPL Helo's Helmet has now been fully recovered and archived and what it shows is... disturbing to say the least. I've alerted my superiors on what the recording shows and they have launched an investigation to find out what CIS Forces were doing on that planet in the first place. I had hoped that recovering this footage would answer some of the questions we had at the start, but really we just have more questions, more queries. Hopefully we'll find some answers soon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As most of you know I have spent a while on this teaser for the upcoming release of Fractal Gaming Clone Wars RP. For most of it, I worked directly with @Zach and @Tucker in order to take it from a bunch of shots of NPCs idling and fighting each other to a cinematic event of the last moments of Guard Patrol 'Blitz'. I had help with the incredibly talented TwoHatJack, who voices CPL Helo, to find voice actors to do the other two characters. Without him, there wouldn't be much life to this teaser. Below you can find the link to his YouTube Channel, as well as Teriyaki Aki's, who voiced Kion, however Archibald, who voiced the Officer, doesn't have a YouTube. Please check them out! TwoHatJack: Teriyaki Aki: Archibald: I would like to hand a big thanks to everyone who helped in the making of this teaser, without you guys I wouldn't of had some really cool Voice Actors nor some really tough critqiues to better this teaser (albeit, it was mostly Zach who did the critiquing). This will not be the last video I will be making for Fractal. I already have plans for more content! Hope you all enjoy!
  8.  Something is coming Friday. 

    Teaser for Radio Silence.png

  9. I've started to recover the footage given to me from a dead trooper's helmet. It was found by Recon Squad 'Canope' and they are incredibly persistent to get whatever is on there viewable to find answers on how all four troopers died from Guard Patrol 'Blitz'. No reason was given on why they went out so far nor why they were so silent to main base either. No comms were ever sent out from them for help which indicates possible foul play from one of the members or something else entirely. What I currently have is shown below, but it only shows two of the members. The other one is wearing the helmet cam of course but... what about the other one?
  10. Getting the bread has always been one of my favourite activities! WE SHALL GET ALL OF THE BREAD!
  11. I personally don't know much about the past feuds between IG and EG, and I certainly wasn't on EG back then. I have made jokes about IG as most have, however, there is a difference between making jokes and becoming toxic against a community. I think it's important to act professional and as welcoming as possible for new players to create a new, friendly, and exciting community to allow players to feel appreciated in. Toxic behaviour repels new players. What Zach has said is important as it allows us to build something that could potentially revolutionize SWRP servers entirely.