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  1. Steam Details Name: Pvt Anderson SteamID: 56681979 Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016947707 Discord Details Tag: Pvt Anderson#0864 Are you apart of the Fractal Gaming Discord? Yes Ingame Details Name: CW-4194 ‘Anderson’ Rank & Regiment: 104th Warrant Officer I Playtime: Around 15 hours Do you have and actively use a microphone? Yes I do have a microphone however I may not always be able to use it, during the times when I am unable to use it I am able to type fairly quickly (Around 90-100 wpm) and am able to accurately get my message across. Warnings, bans and kicks For the sake of transparency on the original EG I was warned a total of 6 times and as such had both a 1 week and a 3 day ban on my record, since then I have cleaned up my act and am proud to say that I have remained ban and warning free. Staff Questions Why do you want to become an Event Master? I would like to become an Event Master because I believe this to be one of the most vital roles on the server to keep players interested. I do have some experience in being an EM and in that time I did thoroughly enjoy every moment of it, I enjoy creating something for others to enjoy and that is exactly what an EM does. I would like to be an EM because I want to do my part in helping out the server. Why should you be accepted into the Event Master Team? I believe I should be accepted into the Event Master team for the following reasons: Through my prior experience I have gathered a pretty good understanding of how to run events that engage the players, how to make binds, etc. As stated before I really enjoy creating scenarios and such for other players to enjoy and I believe being an EM will allow me to do this even further. I have a decent amount of experience in Garry’s Mod in general and as such can use that to help build some props and the likes to include in events which could improve the quality of the events. Do you have any prior experience as an Event Master? I have previously been a Trial EM on EG for 1-2 weeks until the server shutdown and on RG for 1-3 weeks until the server shut down. How proficient are you with ULX Commands? I believe myself to be very proficient with ULX as I have experience using it both as an EM and a Moderator. Event Examples Please note that these examples are old event ideas from an Imperial server and as such they are designed to be run in an imperial time. However, these can very easily be converted over into clone wars form if needed. Example 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O9-fa349WMhroa2Pd_I6JehR1sZlcoFRPBTLl407Dfk/edit Example 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qLBOOC_5HwJYGg0Ngxm54hFPlS6wo5w5ZofUpehYZDQ/edit Responsibilities Do you understand that as a staff member you represent Fractal Gaming as a community and as such are expected and required to follow a set of rules and procedures should you be accepted? I understand. Do you understand that your position as an Event Master will require you to adhere to a time and event commitment, and if you cannot maintain this, you will be demoted? I understand. Do you understand that should your application be accepted, you will be required to participate in an interview and training period, during which you may be removed at any time? I understand.
  2. Please lock this application, I have chosen to pursue an EM application instead as I believe it to be more vital for the server at this time.
  3. Steamid: STEAM_0:1:28340989 Discord: Pvt Anderson#0864 Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016947707/
  4. Name: Anderson Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016947707/ What class do you want: ARF
  5. Easy +1, application is very detailed and well done, Kuzota has also previously shown the qualities expected of a moderator.
  6. BUMP - Changed in-game details to better suit my role in the Republic Navy. - Edited responses to include further detail. - Reformatted responses to be easier to follow. A big thank you to all of those who have left responses and feedback on my application, it means a lot.
  7. +1, Davenport has proven himself to not only be an exceptional staff member but also a valuable member of the community.
  8. As I do not know you personally I am purely going off of your application and that only. I am going to be going with a Neutral for now but am happy to change it if improvement is shown in your application. Positives: Has prior experience as a Senior Event Master and as such has a good understanding of how to use ULX commands. Responses suggest that applicant is applying because he genuinely wants to help out with the community as best they can. Willing to teach new moderators. Suggested improvements: 1. Your application contains various grammar and spelling mistakes, while everybody does this you need to remember a lot of us will be going off of your application alone and therefore will be more willing to support those that are well written. I would recommend reading through your application again and improving upon this. I would also recommend changing the two responses under ingame details so that they are not in all capital letters. 2. It is unclear whether or not you have experience being a moderator rather than an event master as in some parts it seems like you are saying you have been a moderator before but in your prior experience your only thing listed is Senior Event Master, could you please clarify this? 3. I would recommend reading through your scenarios again as I believe the first one does not give any indication on your skills as a moderator at all as you said you spent days trying to figure it out but in the end did not complete it, forgive me if I have misunderstood this answer. Your second scenario is more on the right track but again the grammar makes it a little bit difficult to follow. Best of luck with your application mate, forgive me if any of my response appears to be nitpicky or hostile as that was not my intention. Also Suna, there is no need for that kind of negativity on an application, it is not helpful at all and could be hurtful for the applicant.
  9. Carter's Birthday