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  1. Edit: I removed some of the shitty pac creations cause I realise its looking like a quality over quantity app.
  2. looks deece my dood +1 all heil the heizen offensive
  3. Thanks for the lengthy Feedback! Those two comments regarding PAC3 stealing were jokes made by friends of mine in the community which honestly I believe they thought people knew was sarcasm, but was completely un-nessecary to post on my application. (Im working on getting these comments removed from the forums once zach gets on discord.) Im pretty sure Hypo doesnt even use pac3, could be wrong though. Every single PAC3 creation on this list except the droideka and the ghost in the very first screenshot was made by me from scratch. Yes, as mentioned above myself and bepsi have taught eachother different aspects of PAC3 but have no point stolen from each other. The reason there is a major difference in PAC3 quality among this application is because these are screenshots of my work ranging all the way from 2018 to now in 2020 as mentioned when I posted the screenshots, the bottom ones are new while the shitty looking ones in the top section are from the EG 1.0 - RG Era. JUST TO CONFIRM: The ghost shell (Little droid thing) in the first screenshot was given to me to improve by GREYBACK (CJ) with his full permission. (I have discord dms etc to prove if you'd like) and i do not take any credit for the ground up creation of the shell. I improved the body of the ghost a little bit, sizing and adding little details as well as the lighting and eye. EVERYTHING here I made, nothing was created by anyone else unless stated above. EVERYTHING from the top until the last typing animation of the 501st medic are my OLD pacs from Republic Gaming or beforehand. EVERYTHING after the old 501st medic (Including the videos after the NEW VADERS FIST trooper) are new and all belong to me. (Again, aside from the droideka.) (Also, It does say when I created these PAC3's in little headings, however I think you mustve skipped over them or the whole skill level question wouldn't be an issue.) Again tex, thank you so much for the lengthy feedback and I hope this clarifies everything for you.
  4. +1 Provided you teach me how to use Pac. (razzle showed me how to move a bone now claims he taught me most of the stuff i know)
  5. Did you only create the map or did you make the textures as well? If so thats impressive. (I know a few are from other maps, just not sure about all of them.)
  6. yup. 100% although id appreciate it if you kept slander out of my apps
  7. @Blazebeardmust be proud of kurt, he's all grown up
  8. PAC3 Tier 1 Application Steam Details Steam Name: Kuzota Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83935298 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198128136324/ In-game Details In Game Name: Most likely Kuzota In Game Rank & Regiment: Most likely 501st, and Private In Game Playtime: Had multiple weeks on EG/EG 2.0 but none currently on FG PAC3 Questions Why are you applying for PAC3 Tier 1?: I want PAC3 Because frankly, I use it extremely often and 90% of the time have it on the server I play on actively. I find PAC3 to be an enjoyable addition to my character and the RP that he undergoes and it honestly feels like something is missing from my RP in the rare case that I don't have PAC3. I enjoy the way PAC3 has the ability to influence roleplay in ways that wouldn't be easily so possible without the ability to use PAC3. I think the best part about PAC3 to me is the positive feedback and constructive criticism that is openly and respectively shared among the community to not only help newbies, but to assist anyone from New to Veteran PAC3 creators on existing PAC creations or ones that are still in the works. I often find myself roaming the ship when someone comes up to me and says "Oh, that looks great but *insert example* would look so cool with that PAC creation." I enjoy the constant evolution of not only my own PACs, but the other players who contribute to the huge PAC3 community, sharing ideas and brainstorming collaborative PACs. For example, back on TM and EG/RG myself and @Bepsi used to sit around in a call, adding and removing aspects of our own PAC ideas, asking for each others opinions and creating amazing collaborative PAC3 models and accessories. I guess I just really adore the way PAC3 can not only be something used to bring people together in character to enhance RP, but to bring people together OOC to create and invent new ideas. How much experience do you have with PAC3?: I've been using PAC3 since I believe around mid 2018 ish~. I have lots of experience with the addon and even though there are a few things i'm still not super duper confident in doing, I am very well versed with 95% of the PAC3 capabilities. I believe I have had PAC3 on: EG EG 2.0 TM OMADA and a few others I cant remember the names of. I am confident with Model, Entity, modifiers, Bones, Animation, Bodygroup, Effect, gesture, holdtype, material, submaterial, clip, halo, jiggle, proxy, beam, light, particles, shake, sound, projectiles, sound, sunbeams, text, webaudio, command and a little bit of custom animation. (The other ones arent that I can't do them, its most likely that I just havent used them but wouldnt have too much of an issue with working out how they work and using them effectively. Why do you believe you should get accepted for PAC3 Tier 1?: 1. I have had PAC3 on EG 1.0 and 2.0, proving that I can use it responsibly as I had no warns or strikes against me. I thoroughly enjoyed using PAC3 on EG 1.0 and 2.0 as well as the other servers I was apart of. I remember constantly talking and interacting with other pac3 users and creating and collaboration on new ideas as well as giving and receiving constructive criticism, which helped me create the PACs I have today 2. I wholeheartedly enjoy assisting people with PAC3 questions, queries and problems. There have been many times that I have assisted people with PAC3 when they were in need, if I am given PAC3, I am not only going to develop and evolve my PAC3 creations, but I am also as always, going to assist the other players in the community with theirs when they need. USSRWindoge wherever you are I hope you remember how to model a lightsaber ) Pac3 Examples Post picture or video examples of the Pac3 creations you have made. Minimum of 5 different examples. (Different examples mean different Creations, not different angles of the same pac | Please upload pictures Directly to the forums, inside Spoiler boxes and Avoid using image link websites such as imgur):
  9. Kuzota

    Server Release

    50 banned by the 5th hour of launch
  10. Kuzota

    Server Release

    120 people first day with 40 in queue
  11. Kuzota

    Server Release

    i know, @Zachput it back in dev for 3 months. Im not ready!
  12. Kuzota

    Server Release

    the museum gonna die 15 days after launch lmao
  13. -1 hardly anyone ever ends up dedicating to teamspeak and discords are created anyway
  14. wish it was more than 12 episodes ;-; oh well, should be good >:D