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  1. Sorry, I see that you fixed the whole "I don't believe in putting myself out there" thing. However, I haven't seen a change in the grammatical structure of the application. (Capitals, punctuation etc.) Like, this is stuff you'd learn in grade 3 and it just seems like you haven't taken the time to go through and fix things up, therefore, for now I will be staying at a -1.
  2. I'm unfortunately gonna have to -1 this application. The reasons are pretty simple if i'm being honest: 1 - The app clearly is void of most grammatical structure. (Capitals, proper punctuation etc.) Showing you haven't really put time into reading over your own app. 2 - You reasoning is very unorthodox and weird. You literally say: I believe that if you don't believe in doing something, you aren't going to put in the required effort to do it, let alone do it to a high standard.
  3. Honestly, I really don't think a custom job is a good idea. For one, if they were to give away anything it should be something on the shop. And secondly, one person with a custom job would make even more people quit the server as it'd be unfair and unbalanced for every other player who's on the server.
  4. +1. From what I've seen of him, I believe he'd do great as a trial moderator.
  5. Dale is a good boy . He was helping out with a simulation that myself, nub and wildhog ran and showed to me at least, that he has the ability to enter the trial event master role.
  6. imo since shock shouldn't be threatening to kill other troopers and its the only thing they could do with broken weapons and constant raids, an admin should've dealt with the situation. All i can say is that the staff are at fault here, not shock...
  7. Edit: I removed some of the shitty pac creations cause I realise its looking like a quality over quantity app.
  8. looks deece my dood +1 all heil the heizen offensive
  9. Thanks for the lengthy Feedback! Those two comments regarding PAC3 stealing were jokes made by friends of mine in the community which honestly I believe they thought people knew was sarcasm, but was completely un-nessecary to post on my application. (Im working on getting these comments removed from the forums once zach gets on discord.) Im pretty sure Hypo doesnt even use pac3, could be wrong though. Every single PAC3 creation on this list except the droideka and the ghost in the very first screenshot was made by me from scratch. Yes, as mentioned above myself and bepsi have taught eachother different aspects of PAC3 but have no point stolen from each other. The reason there is a major difference in PAC3 quality among this application is because these are screenshots of my work ranging all the way from 2018 to now in 2020 as mentioned when I posted the screenshots, the bottom ones are new while the shitty looking ones in the top section are from the EG 1.0 - RG Era. JUST TO CONFIRM: The ghost shell (Little droid thing) in the first screenshot was given to me to improve by GREYBACK (CJ) with his full permission. (I have discord dms etc to prove if you'd like) and i do not take any credit for the ground up creation of the shell. I improved the body of the ghost a little bit, sizing and adding little details as well as the lighting and eye. EVERYTHING here I made, nothing was created by anyone else unless stated above. EVERYTHING from the top until the last typing animation of the 501st medic are my OLD pacs from Republic Gaming or beforehand. EVERYTHING after the old 501st medic (Including the videos after the NEW VADERS FIST trooper) are new and all belong to me. (Again, aside from the droideka.) (Also, It does say when I created these PAC3's in little headings, however I think you mustve skipped over them or the whole skill level question wouldn't be an issue.) Again tex, thank you so much for the lengthy feedback and I hope this clarifies everything for you.
  10. +1 Provided you teach me how to use Pac. (razzle showed me how to move a bone now claims he taught me most of the stuff i know)
  11. Did you only create the map or did you make the textures as well? If so thats impressive. (I know a few are from other maps, just not sure about all of them.)
  12. yup. 100% although id appreciate it if you kept slander out of my apps
  13. @Blazebeardmust be proud of kurt, he's all grown up