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  1. Watching the video again, I immediately regret giving that order. The same EOD that used the explosives reported that the masses were still attempting to breach C-Block. I didn't even know the crewman was out there, as most people within navy/gm/shock were inside the building. As I've mentioned, there was a variety of issues surrounding the cuffs and tasers during these two days. Tasers didn't have stun modes, cuffs did massive damage over time when moving someone, etc. Whilst we attempted the arrests, it all ended in the person's death anyway. Trust me when I say that anyone that could've made it to the brig, did. I think you're missing my point, or maybe that's just my poor wording. I still put a lot of the blame on myself. Shock were just following orders from me, so it makes sense that they aren't to blame. I did my best to try and hold the law with the scraps we've been given, but in the end all I did was just add to the chaos. These two days drained from me, and in the end my views changes and focused on defending C-Block, as the paranoia and stress took over. Every time the door was open, another trooper seemed to run in and attempt a self-made tour of C-Block. Another trooper we had to deal with that would be killed due to equipment that damaged the player instead of immobilising them. It got to a point of "why bother", which I agree sounds like a horrible mentality for a Shock Commander to have. This mentality was also the root of a lot of my actions, none of which are excusable by someone that didn't see things as I did. Now that I've had some rest and sleep, I'm starting to have clearer thoughts and see my actions for what they are. I understand you not trusting my apology, but do trust me when I say that if I was going to fake one I may as well not write it in the first place. That way, I could stay in my little bubble and pretend everything went A-OK. But it didn't, hence why I'm here. I hope that addresses your concerns.
  2. I was actually going to make an apology post here, as I agree that the actions taken were some of the worst I've ever authorized. However, I refuse that it was RDM. Was there other, potentially better options? Maybe. Do I think what I did was just? Maybe. Everyone "defending" C-Block were following my orders. None of them are to blame, so don't take it out on random members of my regiment and take it on me instead. You have to understand what myself and the other Shock Troopers have been going through the last two days. Constant raids on C-Block, death from doors, malfunctioning equipment, etc. Not to mention my quotes above, which I do not retract. Again, I wish to apologize to the community if they feel upset. But even then, you can clearly see in the videos that there were warnings, there were chances, and most importantly there were people threatening to murder everyone in the building. Hopefully, if the server receives the many fixes it needs, this won't happen again.
  3. PAC3 Tier 1 Application Steam Details Steam Name: Blazebeard Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:64764402 Steam Profile Link: In-game Details In Game Name: CC-1010 'Fox' In Game Rank & Regiment: Shock Commander In Game Playtime: N/A PAC3 Questions Why are you applying for PAC3 Tier 1?: I personally believe that PAC3 is one of the most essential tools in order to have a fully immersible roleplay server. Not only does it allow people to further their individuality and flesh out certain aspects of their character, it also allows Event Masters to add a whole new flavor to events with the creation of completely original characters and effects not normally seen in the StarWarsRP environment. There are many people in this community that are known for their excellent roleplay abilities, and that was furthered by their excellent use of PAC3 which complimented them. I've known Sith that became infinitely more frightening with horrifying PAC's, Clone Troopers that added markings to their armor based on their accomplishments, and navymen that stood out from their peers due to a simple race change. I'd like to be one of these people and reach the highest potential my character's hold. How much experience do you have with PAC3?: I've held permissions for PAC3 on multiple previous communities, and have a good basic knowledge of the application. Although I don't have much knowledge in areas normally outside of Tier 1, I definitely know how to use the following: Models Materials Bones Events Typing Events Command Events Tier-1 Spin effects Animations Effects Entity Why do you believe you should get accepted for PAC3 Tier 1?: I've been a long standing member of the Australian StarWarsRP community and have certainly proved my both capable and trustable nature. Although PAC3 may be considered wasted on a lore character by some, I want to utilize the tool in order to create new animations and bring Fox to life, along with fleshing out events and roleplay situations with more immersing appearances, characters and animations. Simple changes can do a lot for the roleplay environment, and that's what I am to do. Pac3 Examples Post picture or video examples of the Pac3 creations you have made. Minimum of 5 different examples. (Different examples mean different Creations, not different angles of the same pac | Please upload pictures Directly to the forums, inside Spoiler boxes and Avoid using image link websites such as imgur): Although many of my more recent PAC3's have been lost to the void, I still hold many examples of my progress throughout my time of using the tool. If my previous screenshots are not reliable enough to demonstrate my capability in PAC3, I am happy to work on some new works in order to prove myself. Rules & Expectations You must agree and abide by every one of these rules to get your PAC3 application accepted. Failure to follow the rules will lead to punishment or removal of PAC3. You must have had PAC3 Tier 1 for at least One Month before you can apply for PAC3 Tier 2. You will never advertise your PAC3 Application publicly (If someone directly asks for a link to your application you may private message them the link). You will never use PAC3 creations made by other people in your own application's examples, all photos, videos and examples must be of your own work. You will never create nor wear explicit, sexual, religious or morally questionable creations on the server. You will never steal nor wear other people's creations without their direct consent. You will never download nor URL load Pac creations from the internet made by someone outside of the community, all creations must be made within the community and with the owner’s consent. You will never abuse the PAC3 camera to look at anything other than yourself when creating Pac's. You will never loophole the Rules and the PAC3 Tier system. If your application gets denied or you get PAC3 taken away from you, you may reapply after your designated waiting period has passed. If any staff member tells you to change/remove a PAC you must do so immediately, if you feel the request is unfair then come to PAC3 Team to review the PAC3 creation in question. I agree to all of the rules stated above, and will follow them at all times. Thank you for reading my application. I am happy to receive any criticism the public may have in order to improve my own skills.
  4. Normally I thought people didn't volunteer for PK's, though I appreciate the courage.
  5. I'm not ready for the day one minges
  6. Y'know, I have a slight feeling... A feeling that something may be a little... Just a itty-bitty bit... I L L E G A L Gosh darn pirates. That, and KissCartoon is infamously known for how shite it is. The links you posted aren't even the real website, but one of the domains it lost due to copyright. People buy these domains all the time and replace them with copycats of the original site in order to get visitors, but swap out the videos with viruses and various attempts at hacking. So not only is piracy bad, but you've literally posted a link to a knockoff pirate site full of shady shit that will attempt to breach you every five seconds. The only reason you probably haven't received one yet is due to your miracle worker of an adblocker or antivirus. I highly suggest taking down the links immediately before it leads to someone getting screwed over, despite your good intentions.
  7. It may not be Clone Wars related, but I feel some people are still looking forward to it. What are your thoughts on it?
  8. I can think of a couple of ideas for possible panels: Bookings, I believe you made an earlier project that had all the booked areas on the ship listed and updated according to a command. Something like that would be great. AOS board, like a big collective 'WANTED' sign. It would help inform troopers of any suspicious persons to report to Shock for easier capture. It may also lead to some interesting Bounty Hunter event RP depending on its usage. Rotating recruitment posters for Commanders to advertise their regiment instead of spamming the text chat. Lists of normal laws and base rules combined into one panel with two (or more) pages. Having one blank, freely editable board in one of the Jedi rooms could be an interesting way of using a 'whiteboard' during lectures and create some interesting RP in the Order. I'll try to think of some more, but that's all I have for now. Hope that helps!
  9. "Can't say I blame you, Commander Tano, but all the same, you're under arrest." - Commander Fox, Clone Wars S5E18 Although he didn't say much, I really liked Fox's lines in the series... Apart from this: ""When will you fools learn? No one escapes from Commander Fox." - Commander Fox, Out Foxed I can't tell if he's a goof or just likes his job too much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. DeHaas, I know we didn't interact very often but I remember you being dedicated to the Australian RP community since before I came about. You were there back during Empire Gaming's Clone Wars in the infamous 327th regiment. Surprisingly, if memory serves right, you were the least likely to minge back then and always had a sense of discipline (yes, even in a regiment like that). I believe that feeling has stuck throughout the year and a bit I've been here. Reading your application and replies definitely shows you're passionate about the role, and that you want to give back to the community. I think the only issues I've seen here are some minor ones in grammar and some strong wording. Overall I believe you deserve a +1. You have shown that you care about the role and any observable issues can be worked out in the near future, especially through the trial phase.
  11. I'm actually really excited for this! The Teaser had a surprising amount of quality put into it, I'm sure this one will be bigger and better!
  12. Dear lord, I can finally fulfill the dream of being that one cop that sits in the camera room and does nothing important work
  13. Knowing me, most likely dealing with the day one minges. The horror
  14. Bumping this thread to say that we are entering the final week for Squad Leaders to apply! If you've got a strong sense of justice and leadership skills to spare, then perhaps this role is for you. As always, good luck to the applicants. I'll hopefully see you flying those Coruscant colours on the battlefield.