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  1. How about be active? That's a start
  2. Blank

    Hit numbers

    It would be very useful if we could see the damage we do, giving people an understanding of what range they have to be at to be effective would help a lot. all the time I see people shooting a NPCs from yonks away and they do no damage, they don't know that. If a script was created to see how much damage we are doing should fix this. it's also nice to know the numbers sometimes. the addons on the workshop wouldn't be a good idea because you need to be close to see the numbers. if the numbers were stationary on the hud and had options for DPS, DPB, Total Damage, those kinds of things, then there would be no FPS issues, no large number of decals filling up your screen. thank you for reading my suggestion, any comments would be greatly appreciated. tell me why this is a bad idea or what could be different.
  3. +1 great dude, really creative. Cant wait to see what ridiculous thing he does next. definitely a top pick. (good luck man)
  4. +1 Hercules is a good guy. Great ideas and seems to be able to apply himself. (Good luck Hercules!)
  5. Steam Details Steam Name: [█████████] SteamID: [STEAM_0:0:40444642] Steam Profile Link: Discord Details Discord Tag: [DeathOfficial#0269] Are you apart of the Fractal Gaming Discord? Yes Ingame Details Ingame Name: CT-3126 'Blank' Ingame Rank & Regiment: Gm Corporal Ingame Playtime (UTime): 2d 2h Do you have and actively use a microphone? Yes Have you ever been warned/banned or kicked, if so explain the Situation: I spawned a big platform and was asked to delete it but was too slow and was kicked Staff Questions Why do you want to become an Event Master? Because the EMs need help and I want to help (also I think I could be good at the job Why should you be accepted into the Event Master Team? I'm on every day, from early to late, so I can do events and or help players almost all the time. I am good at multitasking/juggling a lot of tasks at once. I am also good at directing groups of people. Do you have any prior experience as an Event Master? (If so, list your experience and time served) none, I have been a moderator/admin before but never as an eventmaster. How proficient are you with ULX Commands? I have a firm understanding of the ulx commands Provide two Event Samples and two Passive Roleplay Samples below (To increase your chances of being accepted, you should have comprehensive and detailed samples): Event 1: (Off-Map) (we are meant to fail) Recently a CIS Installation has been discovered because of an unsecured broadcast, turns out the Installation has been spying on the main base and broadcasting it to a nearby CIS fleet. so we need to take out that Installation[gm_forestralley]. Upon further inspection we find that it has Anti-Air making it impossible to get close by air. So we go on foot and try to take out the AA (with explosives or by hacking). Once we get there we are met with heavy retaliation and a Ray-Shield(If we have any infiltration regiments on). We now have to keep the pressure on while we wait for the shield to be deactivated. Once the shield is down we'll move on to the AA. If we succeed we'll air drop AT-TEs and spawn some air support (like 2). Once the Air support and logistics have been deployed the new objective will be to destroy their communications array (if EOD are on they'll blow it up, otherwise we'll get NAVY to hack it). there will be a lot of NPCs guarding the comms array that couldn't be killed without the help of the logistics. If unsuccessful at any point during the event (takes too long or we lose too many troops) the event will end later Passive Event 1 will commence. Event 2: (On-Map) A nearby CIS fleet has been notified of our location and has launched a full scale assault on the base. the attack will be in two phases. Phase one will consist of an Air attack (vulture droids and stuff) Drop ships as well, deploying droids to raid the base. Phase Two will commence after 5 minutes or so of phase 1 and will be a ground assault where Droids will be pushing into the base. If we fight back the Droids move to Passive event 2 if we are overrun we retreat to the badlands (ARC bunks maybe?) and try to retake the base (if everyone is absolutely incompetent we'll do a map chance to the [rp_venator_extensive], (unlikely)) Passive Event 1: Our regular supplies arrive and the LAAT carrying the supplies is smoking and critically damaged. upon touchdown a Clone Commander fall out of the ship, also critically wounded.Information is relayed and it turns out the LAAT was intercepted by CIS, hijacking the LAAT but only just fought off. a CIS droid managed to plant a hidden beacon on the supplies. Event 2 will commence. If the Beacon is detected and destroyed soon enough Event 2 will be delayed, giving everyone time to prepare. Passive Event 2: A recent CIS attack has left us wounded but alive. We need to repair the place. The walls are wrecked, The Bunks need rebuilding, outside C-Block has been trashed and is littered with scrapped droids. Navy Engineers can't do it all on their own so they enlist the help of all the Clone Troopers to repair the base. Responsibilities Do you understand that as a staff member you represent Fractal Gaming as a community and as such are expected and required to follow a set of rules and procedures should you be accepted? Yes, I understand Do you understand that your position as an Event Master will require you to adhere to a time and event commitment, and if you cannot maintain this, you will be demoted? Yes, I understand Do you understand that should your application be accepted, you will be required to participate in an interview and training period, during which you may be removed at any time? Yes, I understand