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  1. Fuck teamspeak. DISCORD MASTER RACE
  2. its a gmod server. It is automatically assumed you are free on valentines because you play gmod.
  3. 14 of feb Zach: Delay The Server
  4. I am guessing its like bee keeping in 1.15
  5. @Jeremy I dont know why but the Maker has declared you the next jedi
  6. Honestly we need some clone assassins with force fists and slowing down time
  7. Ok lads i most likely will draw the raffle tomorrow
  8. Today we reached the servers donation goal and in celebration zach has given me permission to giveaway my jedi slot To join this giveaway please comment your steam name here Those who already dmed me their steam name before this post are already in this giveaway which apparently is only two people who are called skynet and bunnings snag because everyone else who dmed me for jedi didnt give me a steamname
  9. If palpy is back it would most likely be a clone of palpatine like in legends
  10. +Kirie It seems the forums are a bit broken as this application is not in ACCEPTED Anyone who has been on a server where Kirie was em knows he can make a good and fun event
  11. sadly due to cain posting twice in a row the unspoken rule of no double posting has been breached now we are back at 0