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  1. From what I am seeing through this thread is that it wasn't Shock's fault entirely I understand that this could of been better handle but you have to understand the pressure shock is under at the moment. Imagine getting raided by a bunch of CT's continuously, and not having you loadout work properly it would get frustrating. I understand I was not online on the server for either events but putting down shock continuously is not the way to go. This situation could of been handle either by staff and both parties were at fault at these times.
  2. Hektic

    Server Release

    All from "Imperial Gaming" trying to ruin another server for people.
  3. Hektic

    Server Release

    That's the first day i'm looking for aha
  4. Hektic

    Server Release

    It was a long day waited for by many people. I'm excited to see how this goes and if the server crashes first day aha.
  5. Hektic

    Server Release

    Impossible, It can't be happening!