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  1. +1 Application is detailed and concise- and your previous experiences speak for themselves, good luck king.
  2. One more (hopefully final) bump thanks to the server launch.
  3. Looks better then EA's battlefront 2 already.
  4. 501st jet trooper from OG battlefront 2. I don't even care if it's canon or not and is never seen outside of the game, you can't tell me otherwise. Apart from that all of the commando armor looks pretty cool, but I like Sev's in particular. And of course you can never go wrong with the 2003 cartoon ARC's.
  5. Haven't had the chance to use them yet, but both maps look really well done- the power and shield generator thing for Hoth is a nice touch, so well played.
  6. on the contrary, it aged VERY well.
  7. give this man shock CO right now.
  8. Bump in honour of the server release date announcement, plus edits to responses and correction to IG name.
  9. blast door would be sick, not too sure about blizzards dropping HP though
  10. how about a server? If it's going to be a rotation map then I've got a bright idea for something that could be used for event material. Have a system of caves underneath the surface, branching off with multiple entries/exits as a rough idea. Perhaps have one of the cave exits be in the form of a 'breach' exiting into the main structure of the clone base- something similar to the antlion hive breach seen in the mines in HL2 episode 2. Then on, say the far end of the map, a crashed CIS ship like a munificent with an interior would be a nice addition, though I reckon this might be too ambitious For the main base itself, a ventilation shaft system with an external entry- once more event potential. And one last thing for the sake of environment, blizzards at random intervals that reduce visibility.
  11. Truly a work of art. We need this man to dethrone Zach and take the lead in the community- he is simply too good for a mere moderator position.