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  1. While I cannot speak to this incident in particular, the past few days have been quite chaotic security-wise. There have been constant hostile intrusions by mingey clone troopers who have nothing better to do and lack effective leaders to keep them in line. It is quite frankly an appalling state of affairs when there are clones running amok inside the C-Block attacking others and otherwise wreaking chaos. Shock only have limited resources at their disposal and are often hard-pressed to preserve not only the security of the C-block but their own safety. So far as I have observed, Shock have responded to this minging and disorder in an eminently justifiable and proportionate manner. Furthermore, Shock's actions to quell what really amounts to a de facto mutiny is likely permitted in-character under section 2.5 of article 6 of the Grand Army of the Republic Military Law Compendium. Regardless of Shock's actions, the underlying problems behind the behaviour of the CTs is more pressing. Firstly there seems to be an insufficient moderator presence to deal with the mingey ring-leaders of the CT assaults. Additionally, it reflects poorly on leadership of the Clone Trooper regiment: where are its sergeants and other ranks that can 'look after' errant privates?
  2. This is a most unfortunate move, but not at all unexpected. I always suspected that the community would suffer the great misfortune of having you slither back. Anyway, welcome back.
  3. I have known this guy for a while. Despite having banned him for carbombing and his poor taste in addons, he possess the skills and experience necessary to be a good event master. +1
  4. As @Tempest kindly pointed out, your event ideas don't seem to unique or indicative of any creativity on your part. PS: And also, to verify that those events are mine, just look at some of the names. A lot of them are based on Star Trek characters, which was something I frequently did. Furthermore, the acronym 'PFI' isn't exactly in common parlance; in fact, I haven't seen anyone else use it on SWRP before.
  5. Geez. This application form is quite lacking. If Austro weren't forum banned, he'd really unload on the creator of the form for this gross abuse of both the English language and Google Forms.
  6. Massive +1. Wildhog has proven himself to be a skillful event master.
  7. +1. Absolute god with binds and well experienced.