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  1. All you need to do is reply with Name: Kirie Steam Link: Which Class do you want?: Field Technician
  2. Thank you for your feedback! The distinction between an 'Event' and EM-directed RP has always been a pretty blurry line, and 'Passive RP' in particular has always been a particularly nebulous term that varies between servers and individual EMs. My working definition is as follows: It is passive RP if it: Does not involve 'active' fighting (large scale PvP or PvE) Is optional Players make decisions that affect outcome Still, you're right that calling my first example Passive RP is a bit of a stretch, so I've replaced it with a more traditional Passive RP scenario.
  3. Kirie's Event Master Application Steam Details Steam Name: Kirie SteamID: [ STEAM_1:1:129332446 ] Steam Profile Link: Discord Details Discord Tag: [Kirie#7848] Are you apart of the Fractal Gaming Discord?: Yes Ingame Details Ingame Name: N/A Ingame Rank & Regiment: Crewman, Republic Navy, Department of Republic Affairs Ingame Playtime (UTime): N/A Do you have and actively use a microphone?: Yes Have you ever been warned/banned or kicked, if so explain the Situation: No Staff Questions Why do you want to become an Event Master? I want to become an Event Master because it's what I enjoy. In all my time on SWRP I have found that I get the most satisfaction and enjoyment out of my time when I am providing other players with an entertaining experience. I love creating stories and watching how players respond creatively to scenarios, and I am proud when the work I put into an event pays off and players are happy with what they are given. I enjoy working with the tools provided and exploring innovative ways to approach the difficult and often stressful world of hosting events. Furthermore, I want to join the Event Team because I know that my experience and prior knowledge is something that I can offer to make the server even better, and I want to again be part of a community of EMs who're all committed working together to provide a fun experience to the community. Why should you be accepted into the Event Master Team? I should be accepted into the Event Team for two reasons: First, I am a hard-working and dedicated player committed to creating quality events. I have no interest in the powers given in the role, only the creation and execution of events, and passive RP, and the construction of interesting, long running story arcs to entertain and engage the players. Whenever online, I am always looking for how I can help make the player's experience better, by contributing to active events or RP, or making my own. Second, I am a very experienced EM and someone who can be relied upon to create and run events and RP independently or in a team, and always deliver them with a high standard. Over my time as an EM I have developed and refined my approach to running events and now use a highly effective system for delivering large-scale, high-quality events with efficiency and quality. I am familiar with the traditional EM tools and eager to learn new ones, and when required, I can lead and train new members of the team and show them how to run events effectively and efficiently. Do you have any prior experience as an Event Master? (If so, list your experience and time served) All up I have about a year's experience as an Event Master, the majority of which has been in the following servers: Voxel Imperial RP ~ 1 month (Event Master). Fade Gaming CWRP ~ 7 months (Event Master, Head Event Master). Galactic Gaming Imperial RP ~ 2-3 months (Event Master, Head Event Master). The Museum Imperial RP ~ 4 months (Senior Event Master, Head Event Master). How proficient are you with ULX Commands?: I am very proficient with ULX commands. Provide two Event Samples and two Passive Roleplay Samples below (To increase your chances of being accepted, you should have comprehensive and detailed samples): Event 1: Caged Rats - Campaign Map: Star Wars the Clone Wars - Geonosis & Venator Map. Introduction (On-ship): The Republic Navy detects an unusual alert that a convoy of important Republic merchants and businesspeople that went missing two days prior has crashed on Geonosis. The recorded message gives a set of coordinates and urges a swift response, as the survivors fear they will be discovered soon. In response, a meeting is held with relevant personnel aboard the Sunrider and a small strike team is cleared to deploy to Geonosis via a transport ship to rescue the survivors. The team will attempt to enter covertly, and avoid attracting a large Separatist response, as they will have limited support for a foray this deep into enemy territory. Event: The strike team lands on the desolate surface a few klicks north of a small battledroid factory. To avoid provoking additional reinforcements, Separatist patrols around the LZ will have to be taken out before they call for backup. Not far from the LZ, the remains of the ship is found: a smoking Corellian Cruiser, now devoid of life. The emergency beacon seems to have been removed and is sounding from the next ravine over. Moving from the ship, the strike team takes out shield gates to move towards the beacon, either taking out patrols in time or facing mounting reinforcements. Eventually, the team arrives at a large mountain complex that seems to house the beacon. The team moves in, taking out waves of powerful Commando Droids and Magna Guards, eventually reaching a large round chamber housing a few ragged and bloody civilians. As the team steps into the room a ray shield closes behind them and a Jedi-turned-Separatist-commander speaks on the loudspeaker, taunting the Republic soldiers before launching several waves of enemy forces. Having held out for some minutes the Republic team takes down the generators powering the ray shields and escapes, clearing the complex before exfiltrating via LAAT/i transports with the surviving merchants. Conclusion: Returning to the Sunrider, the strike team is debriefed, and future strike against the commander and her factory is planned. Event 2: Last Stand for Glory Introduction: The mission is played fairly straight here, troopers are informed that they're heading down to Roche to halt a Separatist push into the Expansion Region. They're be joining the Planetary Defence Forces and the Clone garrison already on-planet and will prevent Separatist forces from landing on-planet. Event: On-planet, things turn out to be very different. Almost all defences against the Separatist landing parties have been destroyed, and the clone garrison has been devastated, troopers must dig in and face the brunt of a Separatist assault on their own. From the get-go, things start to go wrong. Air support is limited to only a few Republic fighters, and Republic positions are hit regularly by artillery fire. Following a brief engagement with overwhelming numbers of B1 drop pods, the main force is ordered to retreat up the road to a series of positions, eventually ending up in a small town with a light house where they'll have to dig in and attempt to defend civilians caught in the crossfire. After a time defending, the troopers that have held out will be given an order to abandon that quadrant to the Separatists and reinforce and embattled Republic position where Clones have been pinned by Separatist forces for ours. Moving to the new area, the main force will undertake a large-scale beach assault, facing heavy resistance from Separatist ground, air and artillery. Moving around the beach, they will retake captured towns and move towards the republic position, fighting their way towards the surrounded HQ, clearing it just as the order for a fighting retreat is given. With no further reinforcements, the main force will fight their way back to the LZ and flee to the Sunrider. Conclusion: Troopers will be told they fought bravely but the system is lost, and a counterattack will be planned. Passive RP 1: Stolen Cargo Kirillim Extract is a new and highly potent medication that has recently left drug trials and has been brought onto the Sunrider for use in the medical bays. However, during a stock-take several cartons of the powerful painkiller have disappeared. Naval Intelligence has narrowed the possible culprits down to a trio of suspects: A medical intern by the name of Jaxi Debennur, an officer from the Republic Affairs department previously written up for hoarding contraband, and an otherwise unassuming Clone Corporal, CT-6674, who was recently recognised for his bravery in the field, but who NI believe may be leading a covert black market operation. Passive RP 2: Murder in the Jedi Temple A Youngling turns up murdered in a quiet corner of the Jedi Temple, and security footage shows a Coruscant Guard trooper committing the act. Republic Affairs, Naval Intelligence and Shock team up with the Jedi to get to the bottom of the incident, and trace the trooper back to an unofficial group of troopers that often spend time together, and glorify the violent acts they commit during missions. Following the capture of the guilty trooper, the focus turns to finding the defect that could have caused this incident, and exactly how many other troopers share it. Responsibilities Do you understand that as a staff member you represent Fractal Gaming as a community and as such are expected and required to follow a set of rules and procedures should you be accepted?: Yes Do you understand that your position as an Event Master will require you to adhere to a time and event commitment, and if you cannot maintain this, you will be demoted?: Yes Do you understand that should your application be accepted, you will be required to participate in an interview and training period, during which you may be removed at any time?: Yes
  4. This player has demonstrated in this application that he is able to serve as a Moderator for FG. He has ample in-game and real-world leadership and conflict resolution experience, and a knowledge of the game that far exceeds the position for which he is applying. Perhaps what has not been demonstrated here, and what I'd like to share now, is that Bob is not just a capable player, he's exactly the kind of community member you want on the team. Throughout all my experiences with him, one thing that has always remained consistent is that he is a calm and level-headed player that approaches situations in a rational manner, implements content and policy efficiently, and is consistently dedicated to things he cares about. There are few people I'd want on a moderation team more than him. +Dwan from me. @PetiteBob