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  1. Hell yeah some npc's with a challenge rather than just standing there and maybe sometimes actually hitting you
  2. Take it easy Tucker you earned it
  3. Personally I have to go with "He's no good to me dead"
  4. Well Bepsi can't wait to fight along with ya mate and scrap some clankers
  5. Yeah been playing as a 501st in servers since I bought gmod mate
  6. Tbh help out in the 501st where I can or where I am needed tbh ERP with as many jedi as I can
  7. Can’t wait to see you lead the 501st to fortune and glory! @MnM
  8. When it comes to Pac3 Pointshop a few different ideas come to mind and take my opinions and thoughts with a grain of salt as I am not the most experienced with Pac3 Battlefront 2 Emotes I am not too certain how either there is a ability to do animations rather than idle poses using Pac3 but when reading my mind went immediately to the emotes the clones can do in Battlefront 2 and how there's no mention of them yet might as well put them on the table as an option. Now of course some are out of the question either being FailRP or just a tad mingey there can certainly be some picking and choosing which ones are appropriate and which ones are not. Other Ideas A few other poses and stances I have thought of are as follows: As seen in Episode 3 a 2nd Airborne Company Member is over a dying 212th trooper and using his hands to call troopers back in a waving like motion and this can be used to call troopers back or tell them to move out Another that comes to mind is a idle animation for primarily officer's, commander's or any high ranking personnel is a classic two hands behind the back as used in roleplay scenarios, debriefs or even when overlooking tryouts or trainings or if you just want to flex some rank or look imposing I added a source image as well The last one that came to mind is when Captain Fordo (The Red ARC from the animated 2003 clone wars in case you have no idea who I am talking about) does a neat little spin with his two sidearms before holstering them (Go to 0:14 sec)
  9. Airborne trooper for the 501st all the way
  10. George


    How did I post this twice hmmm
  11. George


    Introduction into Gmod (This is a bit of a read and feel free to skim through this book report :] ) Hello there my names George and I suppose I aught to tell my tale on how I came into the fold. So, I downloaded gmod after seeing some Clone Wars funny moments from a few prominent up loaders like Red Spartan and I decided I wanted to just go and minge on some CWRP servers. After I asked my Dad about 10,000,000 times he finally got it for me and I hopped on the Icefuse CWRP server with the intent to minge fully. Long story short I didn't and I played on it for several months but after a while I saw that there has got to be some better servers that weren't full of the N-Word, Corrupt Staff and Mingeyness on a daily basis and I was pretty into fallout at the time so I decided to hop on a little known server by the name of Claymore Gaming. Gmod RP 2 Electric Boogaloo After I joined for a while I would just wonder around and see what kind of people play on the server to see what kind of characters where out there and then see what I truly wanted to be. I got PK'd a lot due to how pissing off Talon Company was a fun past time and after about 2 PK's I got tired of messing with them I thought of the idea of becoming a Bounty Hunter and basically spitting right in the face of how they operate (Due to how I was basically doing the work they do and getting paid for it) and that's when I met this supermutant at a Gas Station by the name of Molgorus (Pig if you are reading this I am sorry if I misspelled the name) and I told him my story and overtime we would hangout all the time exploring, scavenging, bounties, talking and RPing and it was the life (I even had to go threaten to kill a whole platoon of NCR soldiers because they thought Molgorus was a Raider and where questioning him). Then out of the blue one day Molgorus went behind a house and instead of a gruffy supermutant voice it was a Aussie dude who just generally complimented me on my RP and this super nice guy even bought me a tier so I can use PAC on my character and not even just buying me it he TAUGHT me how to use it. This mans name was Pig and in a time where I did Online school and usually did my own thing he was the only dude I really hung out with and I am so glad that I met this awesome individual. His name was PigOrganSoup and truly he was like an Idol. I met a group of Pigs mates and all of them where really nice guys but sadly I can't remember the names of those really cool dudes. I made some caps through doing whatever I could and even saving up to buy a ton of ammo, rad-x, stimpacks and two guns I used all the time a Combat Shotgun and a Revolver. Everything was swimmingly through fun, RP and stories all until two days one of those days I met a guy who's name was tucker he was (and still is) a nice and pretty soft spoken guy and on the day our house got raided by the Enclave when we celebrated this new friendship with a dinner but the house got stormed, I got killed, same with tucker and they took away Molgorus who by this point came to terms with his past life and was nicer than about 65% of the people in the dreaded wasteland. After a grueling few days a man who fitted Molgorus'es description of what he was in the past was walking by singing old nursery rymes and whatever those "Patriots" did it changed him into a monster. But thankfully Tucker and I where able to find a Vial of F.E.V that I got from breaking into a supermutans base and made Malcom drink it all. Eventually Molgorus returned and the character I was playing George Morgan (That's where my name comes from) and due to the Enclave attack I needed some serious treatment and the day was saved. Now here is where the fun ended no more adventures no more of George Morgan and here is how that happend: A bounty was placed on a man called the pissing bandit and I decided to take it because it sounded like an easy job and dead or alive to George meant Dead or Dead so I eventually found him and started to question him about who he was and the second he reached for his gun I shot him twice in the head and he died. (Note: NLR applies to this server) and after a span of 4 min he came back with a group of power armor wearing folks and I got abducted (I couldn't run away due to how the server rules had it where if you are outmatched then you cant run away) and I got set up for being pk'd I explained to the admin about NLR but it was a waste of time due to how I got drowned out by dudes shooting "shut the fuck up" and being called a "pussy bitch" while the admin deleted my save. I spoke to the admin after and I was just wasting time because every question was just met with excuses and false reasons. Docs Docs And More Docs I told Pig about what went down and to say he was pissed was an understatement. He was furious and fuming and then told me about how Tucker was making a Fallout Server and after asking Tucker I was on the team. To make a long story short I made a lot of docs on Armor's, chems and effects as well as weapons and I was happy to help wherever I can and I was happy making them and got to meet some good mates through it and got closer with Tucker and Pig through hanging out and talking about ideas. Some time past and the discord slowly fell silent then the project was cancelled and to be honest I was glad to just work on it and hang out with the dudes. CWRP EP 4: Return Of The FailRP I didn't play for a few months but I decided to see how Icefuse was and to make a long story short (Totally not overused eh?) I learned a lot on leading and yes Icefuse was still Icefuse but the people on there people like these 2 guys called Bumpt and Jiimbo where yodas to me about how to handle situations, boost morale as well as how to have a balance of being a nice leader as well as a good leader and even at one point I was CPT Fives of the 501st and a ARC lead I loved it but I did something very very dumb and went to go help out a battalion but all I could do there was nothing I could do inside of my ability and left (again) this was one of the dumbest things I have done and left gmod entirely for a while. After that I stuck to Darksouls and Payday 2 for a while and tried to forget about all of the CWRP stuff. Present Day One day I got a DM by Pig wondering how I have been and he told me about how Tucker is making a server again and I was so happy to hang out with my Aussie friends and it slowly started to take shape of a Clone Wars server and got to meet some new dudes like Proven and Zack and I helped out where I could (even though in hindsight it wasn't too helpful more like little things and ideas) I would tell you but I don't want to wake up in a gulag. So I can't wait to meet all of you and For The Republic!
  12. Sorry about that! I posted twice haha