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  1. +1. Knowledgable and responsible. Good luck
  2. I would reply to this properly if you weren't farming for upvotes
  3. Grand Generals with AA. They must be equipped with a keycard that states their rank.
  4. +1 Suna is a seasoned pac user who is responsible and knowledgable. Good Luck
  5. +1. We all know Wildhog is responsible and by far one of the most creative minds that our community has ever seen. I look forward to seeing what marvelous creations come next. Good Luck.
  6. Yeah i'm bumpin. +Reformatted the application to suit the new forums design as well as edited my In-Game Role. Regards, Beast.
  7. Double down to $3000?? @Mr Frosty
  8. Seems as though you're farming upvotes? May be mistaken though
  9. Crucible has damaged me intensely over the duration of my career. Having your support has proven critical to my mental state
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Welcome back to the community.
  11. Steam Details Steam Name: Beast SteamID: STEAM_1:1:119353295 Steam Profile Link: Discord Details Discord Tag: Beast#1846 Are you apart of the Fractal Gaming Discord? Of Course Ingame Details Ingame Name: Raythen Altair' Ingame Rank & Regiment: Council Master (Jedi) Ingame Playtime (UTime): 1 Day, 7Hrs Do you have and actively use a microphone?: I do indeed. Have you ever received a warn, kick, or ban? If so, explain the situation: No. Staff Questions Why do you want to become a Moderator? Being a moderator aboard a server is no easy task. It's a very demanding role that requires surmounts of patience and a good attitude. I wish to join the moderation team as I not only have prior experience but I also wish to utilize my skills for the betterment of the community and assist where possible and seeing as the event team is in good hands, I would like to express my skills elsewhere. Why should you be accepted into the Moderation Team? I believe I am a suitable candidate for the moderation staff team as i am a long time member of SWRP within this and previous communities which i have grown fond with its members over the past almost 2 years. I am not only a long time member of this community but I have also dedicated many hours of my roleplay time to creating events and moderation spanning over the past year and a half in total. I also believe my extensive experience with ulx and the Gmod UI system would make me an excellent candidate for problem solving as well as any small matters that wouldn’t require a Manager of sorts. (Mainly to take some of the load off Zach and Tucker). All in all, I only wish to offer my assistance and experience at the end of the day and i believe i would once again be a valuable member of the staff team. Do you have any prior experience as a Moderator? (If so, list your experience and time served) Okay, may be abit out of sync but here we go... Trial Mod: Mid 2018 (Date unknown). Server: Empire Gaming (Under management of JD and Caboose) Time spent in role: 1 month. Moderator: Mid 2018 (Date unknown). Server: Empire Gaming (Under Management of Dragz and Mega?) Time spent in role: 1 month? Senior Moderator: Late 2018 towards end of server. Server: Empire Gaming (Under Management of Dragz and Mega). Time spent in role: Roughly 2-3 weeks before server close. I have also had moderation experience through my extensive role as an Event Master. During some point of EG 1.0, the event staff were integrated into the staff team meaning we were allowed to handle tickets when there were no other staff members available and since I was the main person farming time late at night on the previous EG, I quickly gained a lot of experience on how to moderate, assisting me greatly in being accepted into moderation staff officially. I was also briefly Super Administrator on Republic Gaming prior to it's shut down but we won't speak of that How proficient are you with ULX? Well i guess you could say I know everything about ULX? I have a powerful, thorough knowledge of ulx and have taught it to many generations of new Event Masters over the span of the past 2 years. I am also very proficient with !Plogs and various other commands required by a staff member. Provide two examples of situations where you either acted to resolve a situation, or were involved in a situation which could have been improved by your being a moderator. Example #1: A couple of ST's have joined the server late at night during downtime. At the time I was a Senior Event Master and the only moderator on the server was afk. These ST's were enjoying themselves as any ST does at 2am in the morning, by mass RDM'ing each other. Verdict: There were multiple tickets submitted and the staff member was not answering them. I eventually stopped my pac work and answered the tickets. I started by freezing the parties involved and letting them provide statements of why they were mass RDM'ing each other at such a late hour. They simply replied with "He started it" and "Well, he was mic spamming". So i eventually explained to them the rules set by the server and issued a verbal warning and expressed that it was not okay to sort their problems by RDM. Furthermore they agreed to behave and that was solved. This was my first ever encounter with moderation and paved the path for many more cases to follow and myself having gained the knowledge and basic experience to deal with these cases. Example #2: EG was raided by a Twitch Streamer which had instructed his viewers to basically join and cause mayhem. Though amusing and tireful training 30 odd recruits we were well aware of their intentions. There was myself and 1 other moderator active at the time, and seeing as they were 'behaving' we had no reason to kick them according to our current managers at the time. Verdict: Seeing as they had all made it passed recruit training they were now free to roam the server. Whilst myself and the other moderator were tuned into the stream to monitor what they were plotting we also ghosted them in game, hence to stop any possible RDM situations. Eventually the streamer began instructing his viewers to storm the bridge and disrupt roleplay at which time we pulled the streamer aside and explained that we would Perma Ban him and his followers unless they seized their 'Raid'. This did not work. Eventually we began getting swarmed with staff tickets and messages from regular players saying their role play was being ruined, so we as moderators took a stand and began banning the players who were causing the problems. This merely delayed their parade as they started jumping on alternate accounts and joining back. By this stage there were multiple staff members who had logged on to counter this raid and regain control of the server. I believe there were 50+ accounts banned that day from the server. Yes i am aware of the many similar cases a moderator will experience but I wanted to share some of my most fond memories of moderation and how good it feels knowing your making a positive difference within the servers atmosphere as well as keeping the security and integrity of the server upheld. Responsibilities Do you understand that as a staff member you represent Fractal Gaming as a community and as such are expected and required to follow a set of rules and procedures should you be accepted? I understand and abide by these terms and conditions. Do you understand that your position as a Moderator will require you to handle various staff situations on a regular basis, and if you are unable to do so, you will be demoted? I understand and abide by these terms and conditions. Do you understand that should your application be accepted, you will be required to participate in an interview and training period, during which you may be removed at any time? I understand and abide by these terms and conditions.