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  2. I no longer wish to be a moderator on FG to be apart of this server could you please take this down
  3. shock on the server ATM are just not shock they are a death squad. like right out of the bat we have the LAAT bombing C-block without any warnings (plus killing only a single man which was not part of the attack) then once they established themselves at C-block yes there were warnings but those warnings had no place in a clone wars server as a clone would not give a first warning as a threat of death and then ordering an EOD to pretty much nuke C-blcok. This was a clear show of mass RDM and i can bet nothing will be done about it because it wasn't just some rando CT that did it. this server is chaos right now and ill be departing from it i was pumped up for this servers release but it was a flop for me well cya.
  4. I definitely see improvment in the application and thankyou for taking my info on board. Although I still feel as the first two question are lack luster in detail. Rather generic. In game there are no problems at all, and obviously you're experienced. Explain that experience! Verdict: Neutral (Borderline +1)
  5. Smashed it out of the park god damn +1
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  7. Watching the video again, I immediately regret giving that order. The same EOD that used the explosives reported that the masses were still attempting to breach C-Block. I didn't even know the crewman was out there, as most people within navy/gm/shock were inside the building. As I've mentioned, there was a variety of issues surrounding the cuffs and tasers during these two days. Tasers didn't have stun modes, cuffs did massive damage over time when moving someone, etc. Whilst we attempted the arrests, it all ended in the person's death anyway. Trust me when I say that anyone that could've made it to the brig, did. I think you're missing my point, or maybe that's just my poor wording. I still put a lot of the blame on myself. Shock were just following orders from me, so it makes sense that they aren't to blame. I did my best to try and hold the law with the scraps we've been given, but in the end all I did was just add to the chaos. These two days drained from me, and in the end my views changes and focused on defending C-Block, as the paranoia and stress took over. Every time the door was open, another trooper seemed to run in and attempt a self-made tour of C-Block. Another trooper we had to deal with that would be killed due to equipment that damaged the player instead of immobilising them. It got to a point of "why bother", which I agree sounds like a horrible mentality for a Shock Commander to have. This mentality was also the root of a lot of my actions, none of which are excusable by someone that didn't see things as I did. Now that I've had some rest and sleep, I'm starting to have clearer thoughts and see my actions for what they are. I understand you not trusting my apology, but do trust me when I say that if I was going to fake one I may as well not write it in the first place. That way, I could stay in my little bubble and pretend everything went A-OK. But it didn't, hence why I'm here. I hope that addresses your concerns.
  8. You say that there were warnings given but in the second video, you ordered a EOD to mass RDM when the situation was being defused. Correction, Yes. You have tasers and cuffs for a reason. Killing and executing anyone who does the "wrong thing" removes the RP that could of happened. You say your sorry yet that apology is completely invalid because you shift the blame from you and shock to everyone else. I also think that the moderation team is also at fault for not handling it at the time, all of this could of been easily avoid if a moderator stepped in Yes there were cases where you guys were doing you job but that most of the time you guys became power hungry and feel like you can do anything with punishment. I have witnessed people getting shot for no reason. I was arrested for being on top of C-block, taken to the stairs and then shot.
  9. I was actually going to make an apology post here, as I agree that the actions taken were some of the worst I've ever authorized. However, I refuse that it was RDM. Was there other, potentially better options? Maybe. Do I think what I did was just? Maybe. Everyone "defending" C-Block were following my orders. None of them are to blame, so don't take it out on random members of my regiment and take it on me instead. You have to understand what myself and the other Shock Troopers have been going through the last two days. Constant raids on C-Block, death from doors, malfunctioning equipment, etc. Not to mention my quotes above, which I do not retract. Again, I wish to apologize to the community if they feel upset. But even then, you can clearly see in the videos that there were warnings, there were chances, and most importantly there were people threatening to murder everyone in the building. Hopefully, if the server receives the many fixes it needs, this won't happen again.
  10. Some of the finest massy i have seen in a long time. In all seriousness though both parties were at fault but at the same time shooting people for being on a railing or standing around not directly even near the door just shouldn't happen at all.
  11. I am making this post not to get anyone in trouble. Just to show how if there where more staff members this would of been avoided. (Sorry for the Quality) First Video Second Video Last Video Conclusion Like I said at the start this was not to get anyone in trouble this is to show how something like this could of been easily avoided if staff did something This is a something Fox said after this all happen (OOC) Shock Commander CC-1010 'Fox': The Mods were told to let everything be in Shock's hands. This is something I think should have been taken a different path (Its not SK's fault mostly CT's but I would like something like this no to happen again thank you for looking at this)
  12. Thank you for your feedback, i have remembered my other situations and manage to fix it well and more clearly for people to understand
  13. I've seen you before Bullet and you seem very mature and definitely here for the long run, but, you're application is lacking in my personal opinion. Pros: - Trustworthy - Has much experience of staff positions - Active and Loyal Cons: - The application, at some points, makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Read over it again out loud? - Application seems rushed and not very detailed - The situations you have put are EXTREMELY vague. I believe the question is asking to list your personal experiences where you resolved conflict. Rather than just stating that you have helped people get unstuck in the past. The first situation you listed is a good start. As I said, your in game personality is a completely fine no problems there, but applications are important to write down in a condensedm but detailed manner, of your attitude of in game RP and the community, essentially proving that you deserve it. As for now I believe this needs a MASSIVE tune up. Verdict: Neutral/-1 (Subject to change) Please take my info as help as I'm rooting for you bullet xx.
  14. Steam Details Steam Name: Bulletgun233 SteamID: STEAM_1:0:119594621 Steam Profile Link: Discord Details Discord Tag: bullet#3307 Are you apart of the Fractal Gaming Discord? Yes Ingame Details Ingame Name: CT-7589 'bullet' Ingame Rank & Regiment: EOD Private Ingame Playtime (UTime): 9+ Hours, The fact that the server is new Do you have and actively use a microphone?: Absolutely, I always use a microphone Have you ever received a warn, kick, or ban? If so, explain the situation: None at all Staff Questions Why do you want to become a Moderator? I want to be Moderator because I want to help the server grow and be a fun and caring community. I also think that Fractal Gaming would be a great place for me to start and gain experience as staff on a SWRP server. I have come to love this server and make many friends in the time that I've been here and I hope that I get the chance to help make Fractal Gaming a better and more inviting community. And I plan on mainly playing on this server so why not try and help make it better instead of watching from the back. Even will the server just launching I’ve had way more fun already. There is way better features and runs better. And I want to help make this server better by bringing a sense of fairness and moderation so people don't run like minges doing mass murder all the time. Why should you be accepted into the Moderation Team? I should be accepted because i already have past experiences being a moderator or being a staff in different star wars server, Even if i make mistake as a staff i will learn from them and manage to never do it again next time the same situation will ever happen. I'll make a better place & experience for new players and staff my as i will show them my knowledge and experience from the past and i understand the situations i will handle throughout my time in the server as a staff. And i want to learn from other experienced staff in what they do and i hope they can criticized my actions as i will have to improve myself in the future. I will never do the same mistake again, i will be active all the time now. And I've got the possibility to not only help out other staff members due to my experience, but also to help GM's with their Events. Overall I wanna help out and maybe stay after it's all running smooth. Do you have any prior experience as a Moderator? (If so, list your experience and time served) Yes, i had past experiences of being a Moderator Titan Networks (American Clone Wars Server) ~ Moderator for 4+ months currently closed Fade Gaming ~ Trial-Moderator for few months/weeks (Because my power supply broke and was the reason i wasn't active) Terminus Network (American Server) ~ Senior Admin for 3-4 months before the server got shut down due to lack of players and finance I hope i could get more experience in this server as a moderating staff How proficient are you with ULX? Zach and other staff back from fade taught me how to use ULX proficiently and well, so the answer is Very Proficient Provide two examples of situations where you either acted to resolve a situation, or were involved in a situation which could have been improved by your being a moderator. A player was MRDM, i did what a staff would do take him onto a staff sit and as stated in the server rules i will ban him depending if he would take the sit seriously or not as it would destroy the immersion of serious rp and would piss alot of people in the server 2 players were in a heated argument due to the fact he was RDA'd for no reason, they got into a hot conversation in the OOC chat and then i've noticed they are taking it personally now, I went to a far place TP'ed the two of them to me and tried to resolve things out. The cause of the RDA was trespassing multiple times onto the brig. I did my very best a staff member to resolve things out IC and OOC because they are in a fun and friendly swrp community server. At the end of the day i've manage to set things out between the 2 players I've kick/ban people who have no intention to roleplay or FAILRP as they call, depending on what they are role playing as If people are stuck in walls, i !goto to them and unclipped them from the wall and when people need white listing i come to them as fast as i could Responsibilities Do you understand that as a staff member you represent Fractal Gaming as a community and as such are expected and required to follow a set of rules and procedures should you be accepted? Yes, I understand it very well Do you understand that your position as a Moderator will require you to handle various staff situations on a regular basis, and if you are unable to do so, you will be demoted? Yes, I understand it very well Do you understand that should your application be accepted, you will be required to participate in an interview and training period, during which you may be removed at any time? Yes, I understand it very well Applicants must: Be fourteen years of age or older or display consistent maturity - 16 yrs old Have and actively use a clear and understandable microphone (alternatively 70w+/Min) - Yes, I do have a microphone as stated earlier Have no more than three active warnings and/or one ban on record - None at all Have more than seven days of UTime on the server - Currently the server is new Be able and willing to handle various staff situations on a regular basis Attend a regularly scheduled meeting should they be accepted Answer all questions honestly and present professionalism throughout the application Undertake an interview process once their application has been processed Thank you for understanding and reading
  16. when razzle snitches on doom on RG for having new years fireworks but mass rdm's with explosives
  17. Last week
  18. So @Razzle Dazzle might not be a good fit for E.O.D
  19. damn staff, can you explain this? this is well and truly fucked up
  20. Second part, this is seriously outrageous on launch day :x
  21. outragous, poor performance by staff.
  22. Don't mind the extra things you see, we were testing admin ESP and things
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